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IKANDA (widely used dialectical Flemish word for 'I can do this') was founded by myself, Nico Staels, in 2015.

As the eldest son of garage owners, the passion for technology, commercial flair and customer focus was brought up from scratch.

After my studies as an Industrial Engineer (graduated in 2000) I started working at Compaq (which later merged with HP) in technical and presales roles.
Commercial roles at SAVACO, Econocom and Wincor Nixdorf followed but then the ever-increasing entrepreneurial spirit finally took over.

After consultancy assignments at Toyota Motor Europe and AVEVE (now Arvesta), the time was ripe to fully draw the IKANDA Smart Office Buildings map with the focus on solutions for the New Way of Working.

Far too much in my career I have noticed that responsibilities were passed on ("it is the hardware", "no, it is the software", ...) and the customer was always a victim of this. That is why it was clear from the start that IKANDA wanted to take on the role of integrator, in other words combining different existing solutions into 1 total solution for our customers so that they only have 1 single point of contact for everything.

Thanks to many great projects in the Benelux and beyond and the trust of our customers, the IKANDA team was able to expand quickly.

But customer satisfaction will always remain our number 1!

Nico Staels


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