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Can I reserve workplaces for the whole team?

Due to the corona measures, we still work at home. Yet there will come a time when employees will return to the office more often. For example, to work more closely together on a project or assignment. To ensure that this runs smoothly, we are introducing group booking.

Working from home is here to stay, even after corona. Research from Tilburg University shows that most office workers in the EU see more advantages than disadvantages in working from home. Many office workers do miss the interaction with their direct colleagues. In that case, the new group reservation can offer a solution.


Name the group workplaces

It is already possible to reserve a workplace in FlexWhere. Now you can also reserve several places for a team. That is very easy.

  • Click on multiple workplaces
  • Give the group a name, for example "Project team Back to Office"
  • Set a time and date.

Is the reservation one-off or does it have to be repeated? That can also be set. Then you inform the members of the project team of the reservation.


Who will be a desk planner?

Not everyone can reserve multiple workplaces just like that. That is reserved for admins and managers. We understand that they are not always the best person to make the reservations. That is why we are introducing a new role within FlexWhere: the desk planner.

Every employee can be appointed as desk planner via the Control Center. We expect that, in particular, receptionists, (department) secretaries and team leaders will be given this role. Who ultimately becomes a desk planner is entirely up to the organization. It is even possible to give all employees that role. There is no limit to the number of desk planners.

The group reservations enable your organization to deal even better with workplaces and teams.

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