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Which reservation system does IKANDA use to book workplaces?

IKANDA's solution for reserving workspaces is FlexWhere.

Our choice for FlexWhere was made because:

  • FlexWhere has been active in the flexible working market for years (also for COVID) and therefore already has a lot of experience with flexible working or the "New Way of Working", with several major references in the Benelux (Municipality of Rotterdam with 5000 workstations, Allianz Belgium and the Netherlands with 2200 workplaces, various cities & municipalities, ...)
  • One of the few solutions in the market is one that can automatically confirm (by means of the FlexWhere tray app on the employee's PC) whether a reserved workstation has actually been used (so no sensors required).
  • FlexWhere also has a very powerful Control Center that allows the customer to:
    • Upload floor plans
    • Create workplaces, conference rooms and conference zones
    • Create or change or disable additional buildings or floors
    • Create extensive reports (statistics, heat maps, ...) both in terms of real-time occupation and historical occupation
  • The FlexWhere mobile or workspace app can be used stand-alone as a desk booking tool for online reservation of workplaces

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IKANDA also integrates its solutions for Booking Meeting Rooms and CateringRoom Booking Displays and Smart Sensors with FlexWhere - see also our reference bij Allianz Benelux.




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