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How can I reserve a meeting room?

IKANDA simply uses Outlook for this, like most companies, but expanded with the Outlook plug-in from Resource Central from Add-On Products.

With this plugin you can:
  • Filter based on certain criteria (e.g. size & location of the room, which IT equipment is available, ...)
  • Display an order form per room, with which the following items can be ordered:
    • Catering
    • Cleaning
    • Preparing the room before and / or after the meeting (e.g. different layout)
    • Register visitors
    • Reserve parking spaces
  • Create xtensive reports per department based on the orders made

Resource Central only works in combination with Microsoft (Exchange on-premise, Office 365 (now called Microsoft 365), Exchange hybrid environments and Microsoft Teams).

The solution can be offered both hosted and on-premise.


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Microsoft compatibiliteit

Resource Central can also be combined with our Smart Sensors so that meeting rooms can also be released when no one has turned up and to obtain extensive statistics (eg reservation for 20 people but only 12 people showed up).



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