What is the ideal screen size for meeting room displays?

ideale schermgrootte
Several customers regularly ask us the following questions:
How big should the screens be in our conference rooms?
How high should we hang the screens?
What do we need to take into account?

All these questions can be answered with 3 simple rules concerning the maximum viewing distance, the ideal viewing distance and the hanging of the screens.

Rule 1: maximum viewing distance

The maximum viewing distance will determine how large the screen should be in the room.
You can simply use the formula below:

Screen height = Distance from the furthest viewer / 6

That's all.
Once you have calculated the minimum screen height by means of above formula, you can refer to the specifications of your desired screen to determine which screen size is most suitable for you.
For instance, if the room is 6 meters long, the minimum screen height should be 1 meter, which corresponds to a 75 "screen (= about 1.05 m high).

Herewith a table with the most common screen sizes:

Dimensions (mm) - H x B 800 x 1300 930 x 1500 1060 x 1740 1200 x 2000
Max. reading distance (m) 4,8 meter 5,6 meter 6,3 meter 7,2 meter

Rule 2: ideal viewing distance

The ideal viewing distance is defined as follows:

Ideal viewing distance = 2 x screen width

A 55 "screen of 1300 mm wide is therefore ideal for viewing from a distance of 2.6 meters.

Rule 3: hanging of the screen

With a seated audience, it is best to mount the bottom of the screen at least 60 cm from the ground.
In a room where the seats are arranged in rows, the bottom should be higher so that everyone can see the screen well.
A minimum height from ground to bottom is then 100 cm.

Ideal height for conference rooms (20-30 m²) = distance from floor - bottom of screen = 120 cm



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