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Europ Assistance was looking for solutions for Reserving Workplaces, for Room Booking, Video Conferencing, Wireless Presenting, Digital Signage and Screens for their new office. We have developed a construction that seamlessly combines all solutions and that also ensures that everything can be set up in phases and independently of each other. By choosing IKANDA, Europ Assistance now has only one single point of contact for everything (hardware, software, installation, configuration & support).
interactive touch screen


We have equipped the meeting rooms of Europ Assistance with i3 interactive touch screens. With these 4K touchscreens, a natural writing experience is top priority and when the screens are not used for brainstorming, they can easily be used for Video Conferencing or for showing Digital Signage content.

Depending on the size of the rooms, 65", 75" or 86" screens were provided.
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Video conferencing


The Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini were chosen as the Video Conferencing solution.

Rally Bar is an all-in-one video conferencing system (microphone + speaker + camera) with great image quality and where the camera automatically focuses on the people who are talking.

At Europ Assistance, 6 meeting rooms were equipped with a Rally Bar and 7 others with a Rally Bar Mini.
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wireless presentation


All screens were equipped with a ScreenBeam, a top device with which you can present wirelessly without apps or dongles from any device. The ScreenBeams were mounted behind the scenes so that they are not visible.

If there is no wireless presentation, internal messages can also be displayed via the ScreenBeam by means of Digital Signage.

The Logitech Rally Bar can also be addressed wirelessly for Video Conferencing via the ScreenBeam Conference app.
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digital signage


The content management system SignageLive was provided on most screens, either directly or via a ScreenBeam. This means that internal announcements, company videos or other content can always be shown when the screens are not in use.

The waiting room was equipped with 9 LG screens mounted as one large video wall. This impressive Wall of Fame is the eye-catcher of the new office.
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