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Forum Advocaten

Forum Advocaten was looking for a solution to give presentations on large screens in 2 large meeting rooms, both wired (HDMI) and wireless and to set up video conferences (Teams or other) from the largest room.
lg screen

LG presentation screens

IKANDA has mounted a 75 "LG screen in the kitchen, which also serves as a conference room, and a 65" LG screen in another meeting room.
These LG screens have 4K resolution, superior image quality and high brightness and are non-reflective, making them ideal for giving presentations and for video conferencing and even for displaying all your digital signage messages thanks to the built-in WebOs player.
Read more about LG's presentation displays here.



Both screens were equipped with an Airtame, a compact device with which content can be shared very intuitively from any device, with any operating system on any type of screen (Android + iOS + Mac OS + Windows + Chromebook + Linux).
By connecting an Airtame to one or more screens via HDMI, every room turns into a meeting room where you can easily present wirelessly.  

logitech video conferencing

Video Conferencing

The largest meeting room at Forum Advocaten was also fully equipped for Video Conferencing with the Logitech Rally Bar, an all-in-one video bar, so speaker and microphone in one device.
The Rally Bar can be used stand-alone (connection via USB to any PC, without software) but also in appliance mode, where supported video conferencing applications (such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams Rooms) can be run directly on the device without the need for a PC or laptop.
meeting management

Hardware + Installation

IKANDA always helps with the choice of software and hardware and is responsible for the configuration and installation on site. The screens at Forum Advocaten were put up and the Airtame and the video conferencing solution were made fully ready for use. We are also always available for all support after installation.



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