Remo Frit

Remo Frit was looking for a solution to digitise their visitor registration that would allow them to pre-register visitors and allow unannounced visitors to check in on a tablet. Other requirements were that documents must be shown and signed during registration and that a different registration flow must be provided for each type of visitor.
These requirements led us to suggest the Proxyclick visitor registration system to Remo Frit.

visitor registration

Visitor Registration

in advance or on site
You can register visitors in Proxyclick in advance and then send them an invitation. They can then fill in all the requested information in advance (name, telephone, company,...) and read the attached documents in advance and sign them already. Afterwards, the visitor receives a QR code that he only needs to scan on arrival. This speeds up the registration process considerably.

Visitors who have not been registered in advance can go through the entire registration flow on the tablet in order to register.

After scanning the QR code or after registering on site, the host receives an email or text message with the notification that his guest has arrived.

Registration flow

one for each type of visitor
For Remo Frit it was necessary to be able to make a distinction between the different types of visitors: suppliers, auditors, applicants,...
Depending on the type, other fields must be filled in during the registration process. The safety regulations also do not have to be read and signed by all visitors.

In order to realize this, smart rules are used that you can add to your own needs and which, depending on the previous answer, can be linked to another question. This way you can create as many registration flows as necessary.

Realtime Dashboard

visitor logbook
Remo Frit likes to stay informed of their visits in real time and thanks to the dashboard they get a complete overview of all visitors that are expected and of all people who have already checked in or out.

The dashboard can be customized so that only the fields important to you are shown and the documents that have to be signed during registration can be displayed here as well.

The realtime dashboard can also be used to quickly check people in or out if necessary.



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