Woonstad Rotterdam

Woonstad Rotterdam was looking for a solution to know the actual occupation of their meeting rooms and workplaces in their 4 office buildings and which allows that colleagues can easily find each other, regardless of the building in which they are working.

Flexwhere software

For their meeting room and workplace management, Woonstad Rotterdam opted for Flexwhere, a cloud application consisting of 2 modules.
With the workplace module, they can check from various devices in which buildings or on which floors there are still available workplaces and where colleagues are located. With the meeting module, available rooms can be found and reserved ad-hoc.
digital screens


FlexWhere was also provided on large overview screens. First you have to choose between the 4 buildings, after which the groundploor of the chosen location is displayed. Then they can look for available workplaces, meeting rooms and colleagues. Moreover, there is the option to immediately reserve places via these screens.
Room booking displays were hung next to the meeting rooms, on which it is easy to see whether a room is occupied or not, by whom and for how long. Also the rooms can be reserved ad-hoc if desired.
digital screens


In addition to assisting in the choice of the software, IKANDA always lookes for the most suitable hardware and takes care of the installation on site.
35 meeting room screens were pre-configured with FlexWhere and hung on the wall or on glass.
3 large overview screens were also hung up completely ready for use.
This all-in service is always highly appreciated by our customers.



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