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Wireless presenting from all devices!

Every company is nowadays expected to be able to collaborate wirelessly from any smartphone, tablet and PC.

Airtame is a solution where content can be shared very intuitively from any device, with any operating system on any type of screen.

By connecting one or more screens via HDMI to an Airtame, every room changes into a meeting room where you can easily present wirelessly.

Android + iOS + Mac OS + Windows + Chromebook + Linux.

Read more about the functionalities of the Airtame below.

Screen sharing from any device


Digital Signage made easy


All-in-one Cloud Management

airtame cloud

Screen sharing from any device

Connect your way
- Platform independent: present from any device on every screen.
- Flexible options: present with the Airtame app, Google Cast, AirPlay of Miracast.
- Pin code: as a guarantee that presenters share to the correct display.

Present with confidence
- Share your entire screen or use the presention mode with Single Window Sharing.
- Share to one or more screens simultaneously.
⇒ Airtame is the perfect solution to also present wirelessly from Apple devices to the Digital Whiteboard Samsung Flip.

Digital Signage made easy

airtame devices
The intelligent meeting room
- Synchronize calendars and agendas with meeting room screens (Google Calender, Outlook Calender)
- Welcome visitors to your meeting room through personalized messages or specific company information.
- Make an impression by showing videos, dashboards, apps and more.

The informative company
- Show a map with the meeting rooms and other rooms.
- Set the mood with any combination of images, videos or slides on your screens.
⇒ More advanced options for Digital Signage are possible with our Content Management Systeem (CMS) Signagelive.

All-in-one Cloud Management

Full control from one central location
- One solution for all screens reduces your IT maintenance.
- View, update and manage all devices simultaneously and from any location.
- Assign different access levels depending on user roles or location.
- Save on electricity by setting on/off hours according to office or school hours.

airtame dashboard

Airtame versus

google cast app
apple tv
barco clickshare

Google Chromecast
With Airtame the screen can be mirrored in 2 clicks while Chromecast requires 6 steps. Airtame offers a cloud platform for managing an unlimited number of devices while Chromecast does not offer a device management tool. Chromecast is primarily made for entertainment purposes while the Airtame is optimized for professional needs of companies and schools.

Apple TV
The limitation of Apple TV is that it only connects with Apple devices. This can cause problems in a business environment when visitors or customers want to share from an Android or Windows device. Apple TV is primarily made for sharing personal media at home while Airtame is meant for collaboration at schools and offices.

Barco Clickshare
Both are great wireless solutions, so choosing between the two is a matter of functions that are more important to your business. With ClickShare, multiple users can simultaneously stream to the same screen, while with Airtame, one user can stream his computer to multiple screens at the same time. The biggest difference, however, lies in the price where Airtame is much cheaper than Barco and thus better fits the budget of many companies or educational institutions.

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