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Desk Booking

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New Way Of Working (NWOW) is a vision in which all employees can work independently of time and place.  Covid-19 ensures that this way of working is on the rise, as many people have to work from home, whether or not they are obliged to do so, and are therefore no longer present in the office full-time.

The Flexwhere Workplace Reservation software is the solution for reserving flexible workplaces in the office. All information regarding available workplaces and where colleagues are located can be consulted on various devices and thanks to the Flexwhere mobile app also from home. This cloud application can be integrated with Active Directory and reservation tools such as Exchange, Office365, Google Apps, Planon, Topdesk, Ultimo, ... and can even be linked with Sensors and Overview screens.

How to book workplaces

desk booking app


With the mobile Flexwhere Workplace Reservation App you can search for an available workplace from home in all company buildings and on all floors and easily reserve it for a time block of your choice. You can also view which flex desks your colleagues have chosen. The Flexwhere app is available for Apple and Android tablets and smartphones and, thanks to double authentication, can also be used safely outside the office.
How does it work?
desk booking app


The FlexWhere Desktop App, software that is installed on the desktops, laptops or thin clients of your organization, ensures that you can automatically claim your workplace (with or without prior reservation). As a result, your reserved workplace will be retained or released if no one shows up. With the Desktop App you can also look up where there are still flexible workplaces available in the vicinity of the colleagues you want to work with.
How does it work?
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Mobile App - how does it work?

1. Find a flex desk

desk booking app
First select the building and the floor and then you can look for free workplaces. Each workplace has a color code: red: booked; green: free; gray: blocked (social distancing); orange: booked but not confirmed via Desktop App, blue: permanent workplace.

2. Find a colleague

desk booking app
Would you prefer to know first which flex desks your colleagues have chosen before booking your own? No problem. You can look up all logged in colleagues very easily, both by name and function and when a colleague works externally, you get to see this too.

3. Book your flex desk

desk booking app
When you have decided which workplace you want to book, click on the workplace icon and choose the period for how long you want to book this flex desk. You can book for the current day, but also for several days in the future, up to 1 month in advance.

4. View your bookings

desk booking app
If you would like to check for which days you have already made a workplace reservation, you can easily consult the integrated monthly calendar. On this overview, all your reservations made are simply displayed by means of dots.

Desktop App - how does is work?

1. Find a free flex desk

Search the available locations for free workspaces. Each workstation has a color code: red: booked; green: free; gray: blocked due to social distancing; orange: reserved but not confirmed via TrayApp, blue: fixed workplace that cannot be reserved. In the same way, you can also see which meeting rooms are available or already booked.

3. Find a colleague

With the Desktop App you can also easily look up which flex desk your colleagues have booked. You can find everyone very quickly, both by name and by function. This makes it possible to choose a workplace according to the places chosen by your colleagues, so that collaboration becomes easier.

2. Filter to search

Flex desks can also be classified according to types such as: standing desk, desk with multiple screens, concentration area, ... This subdivision is displayed by recognizable icons on the workplaces. When looking for your ideal flexible workplace, you can easily filter by status (free, occupied, ..) and by type of workplace.

4. Reserve ad hoc rooms

Meeting rooms can also be displayed in FlexWhere. Two types are supported: bookable rooms that can be linked with any booking software such as Exchange, Office 365, Google, Planon, Topdesk, ... and rooms that can be booked ad-hoc from FlexWhere without any integration.

Covid-19 Measures

Features incorporated related to Corona:
- Project a radius of 1,5 m around workstations
- Have employees reserve a workstation
- Block workstations that are too close to each other
- Show cleaners which workstations have been used
- Show the preferred route on the floorplan
- Communicate the capacity of a meeting room
- Receive a notification when a certain occupancy rate has been reached
- Set up work zones and transfer responsibilities to employees
- Halt workstation reservations above a certain occupancy level
- Toon een cirkel van 1,5 meter om werkplekken
covid werkplekken reserveren


The Management Function of the Flexwhere Control Center gives you insight into the occupancy rate of buildings, floors and workplaces over a period of your choice. Heat maps make it clear which flex desks have been visited the most and facilities can be coordinated accordingly. All data can be easily exported as a report or Excel file.


With the management function of the Flexwhere Control Center, buildings & floors, workplaces, meeting rooms or work zones can be easily created. Workplaces can be linked to docking stations or sensors. If necessary, you can easily add, remove or move workstations yourself. You can assign a specific feature to each individual workplace: flex desk, concentration space, workplace with multiple screens, ..... and you can also block flex desks, which is a necessity in these times of Covid-19.
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If you link the Flewhere software with sensors, workstations no longer need to be reserved. The sensors will detect the presences resulting in an automatic (anonymous) notification. Smart sensors also count the number of people and measure various environmental factors such as temperature, CO2, VOC, UV, noise and light. Smart sensors can therefore also be enabled to optimize your meeting room management.

Read more about our sensors here.,

Resource reservation

Reservation of spaces, parking and catering

Wouldn't it be ideal if you could reserve workplaces, meeting rooms, parking spaces and other resources from a single tool and organize the catering at the same time, for different locations or several countries? IKANDA offers the solution whereby the reservation of all self-determined resources can be easily combined by means of Add-on Resource Central, suitable for Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 & Teams.

Read more about Resource Central here.


Overview screens

If you put a large screen at the entrance of the building and on each floor showing the FlexWhere floor plan with info about free desks and meeting rooms, employees can quickly check where the available flex desks are located, where their colleagues are located and whether there are still meeting rooms available and if necessary book them ad hoc directly on the screen. These screens can also be combined with our Digital Signage solutions, which means that in addition to the floor plan, extra company information can be shown such as videos, RSS feeds, Social Media or others.


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