Interactive Displays - Samsung Flip

Digital collaboration and wireless presenting in 1 device!

With the Samsung Flip 55, 65 or 85 inch, the ease of use and the accessibility of the traditional flipover are enhanced with smart, digital benefits. In other words, the Samsung Flip changes the way meetings are organized, facilitated and documented.
There are many more options for visualizing ideas, and yet the familiar way of writing and drawing as on a simple whiteboard can be maintained .
The screen can be rotated like on a smartphone so that you can work and present in portrait or landscape mode.

  • Wireless for recent Samsung Android devices and PC's from Windows 8.1
  • HDMI for a wired connection with other devices or also wireless with a ScreenBeam
    (= extra support for Apple devices)
  • Mirroring & NFC tagging possible with Samsung mobile devices from Android 2016

Read more about the Samsung Flip below or watch the Samsung Flip video first.
samsung flip 55
samsung flip whiteboard
samsung flip

Navigation and communication with touch functionality

Write, draw and annotate

Thanks to the built-in sensors, the screen activates when you approach the Samsung Flip or when you remove the pen from the holder.
You can write directly on a blank sheet with the special pen or other writing utensils.
Up to 4 people at the same time can write, draw and annotate while using a range of colors and styles.
'Sheets' can be written and then digitally swiped aside, so there is more than enough writing space.
samsung flip whiteboard

Navigation and scrolling instinctively

The smart, user-friendly menu of the Samsung Flip facilitates navigation, allowing applications to be opened faster and the content to be fully visible immediately.
Participants can also view individual content separately and make changes directly on the screen.
It is easy to browse through documents and you can search in up to 20 clearly divided digital Flip pages.

Design & protection

Every company can implement its own DNA in the Samsung Flip by saving a company logo on the screen and by choosing a screen template from the Samsung library.

To prevent important or sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands, a numerical password can be set to lock the display.
samsung flip 55


samsung flip powerpoint

Presenting & sharing

Thanks to the connectivity of the Samsung Flip whiteboard, a fully synchronized, user-friendly collaboration is possible.
Almost all personal devices can be connected to the central screen for interactive content sharing and taking notes.
Presentations can be effortlessly adapted to the dynamics of the room as the digital flipchart can be fliped horizontally (landscape) or vertically (portrait).
In addition, Word, PowerPoint or PDF files can be easily opened with the integrated document viewer

Synchronize, share & save

Thanks to Touch Out Control, users can synchronize their personal devices with the digital flipchart for real-time display and editing.  Adjustments on the central screen are automatically displayed on the user's personal device and vice versa. All users therefore see the same thing.
(available via a touch USB cable, via Android mobile devices (2016 or newer) and PCs from Windows 8.1)

Important content can be stored in the central storage space of the display and can easily be shared with colleagues via mobile and digital channels.
samsung flip share screen
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