Interactive touch displays

i3 Touch screens

Experience interactive intelligence with i3's interactive touchscreens that enhance the ease of use and accessibility of the traditional flipchart with smart, digital benefits. They feature powerful device control thanks to Android 11 and 8 GB of RAM.

The screens have an excellent price-quality ratio and take every meeting to a higher level: presenting, annotating and whiteboarding with i3STUDIO.

The screens are available in 65", 75" and 86" so that the right size can be provided for every room.

Natural writing
Thanks to the optical bonding technology you will experience a real pen-on-paper feeling.

Split screen
i3 displays support split-screen mode, allowing apps to be used simultaneously.

One-cable connection
Only one USB-C cable is needed from laptop to display for audio, video, power and touch.

Room filling audio
The advanced audio system of the i3 screens pumps out loud and full-bodied sound.


The most important aspect of an interactive screen is the natural touch and writing experience.
With the i3 interactive screens, the optical bonding technology makes you feel like you're actually writing on paper.
It is also possible to write over images, presentations, opened websites or apps.
Afterwards, all notes can be saved and shared with the attendees via email or QR code.
The built-in magnetic pen holder ensures that the pens can be easily put away.

split-screen modus

Now you don't have to get lost anymore in multiple apps and windows while meeting or working. The i3 interactive displays support split-screen mode, allowing you to use multiple apps at the same time. This allows you to work more efficiently and in a more organised way.

In addition, you can define your favourite actions on a hardware button such as freezing the image, taking a screenshot or switching to your preferred video input source.


By connecting your laptop to the display with a USB-C cable, you can use the interactive display's speakers and camera. One cable is all you need for audio, video, power and touch.
Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) is very easy with access to all the tools connected to the screen, such as the webcam or microphone, straight from your laptop using your preferred conferencing software.

Audio system
room filling sound

The advanced audio system of the i3 displays pumps out loud and full-bodied sound that is capable of filling a whole room. Thanks to the integrated subwoofer it handles lows, mids and hights with competence.

In addition, the screens offer a super viewing experience that tremendously reduces eye fatigue thanks to the DC dimming mode, a blue light filter and an anti-glare coating.

already preinstalled

i3STUDIO is a complete toolset that is already installed on the i3 interactive touchscreens, eliminating the need to download multiple applications or software.
The functions of i3STUDIO help make presenting and brainstorming easier: whiteboarding, annotating, presenting and video conferencing.

Friendly for the environment
& your wallet

The i3 touchscreens have an extremely low power consumption, which means that they have been awarded an A+ energy label.
The combination of a motion and light sensor optimizes the viewing experience in all lighting conditions and ensures a balanced energy consumption.

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