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Our Digital signage solutions are compatible with your existing monitors by adding an external player. So you do not have to buy new screens. However, if you do not have your own monitors yet or if your old screens are in urgent need of replacement, then you can contact IKANDA for our LG displays with built-in player.
Our Video Conferencing solutions can also be combined with these screens.
IKANDA prefers LG's WebOS screens for the following reasons:
  • 4K displays in various sizes (43 ", 50", 55 ", 65", 75 ", 86")
  • Built-in WebOS player
  • Anti-glare & high luminocity
  • Wide viewing angle in all directions: 178 °
  • Suitable for 16/7 or 24/7 use
  • 3 year on-site warranty
Be sure to read more about these monitors below.


4k monitors


With the Ultra HD quality, 4x as much detail is shown as with a Full HD screen. All content or digital signage playlists are shown in vivid colors and with fine details for the ultimate viewing experience.
The UL3G series also supports HEVC for playing ultra-high quality videos.
The built-in quad-core SoC (System on Chip) with WebOS can perform multiple tasks simultaneously and ensures smooth playback of the content without the need for a media player.
lg screen digital signage


The wireless connection options of the LG UL3G series provide additional options for the user. The screen has WiFi and you can, among other things, cast content wirelessly via your Android smartphone or Windows devices.
The screens can therefore be used both for playing your digital signage content and for wireless presentation.
An extra advantage is that the LG 4K monitors can be used in both landscape and portrait orientation.
4K monitors video conferencing


Thanks to compatibility with most video conferencing systems, the LG screens can be perfectly used for video conferencing in all types of conference rooms.
The 4K resolution, superior image quality and high luminocity are ideal for online meetings. The monitors are suitable for extended use thanks to their low power consumption and the narrow edges around the screen provide an elegant finish to match the style of any meeting room.



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