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Indoor Navigation

indoor navigation

Making buildings smarter goes hand in hand with smart and efficient guidance for visitors when searching for their destination in buildings, car parks or public places such as offices, hospitals, shopping centers and museums.

IKANDA offers an Indoor Navigation system where visitors can easily navigate through buildings on their PC, on their own smartphone or on a kiosk and are shown the way on an interactive 2D or 3D floor plan.


indoor navigation
indoor navigation
The indoor navigation tool is accessible to any mobile device without prior installation. By simply scanning a QR code at the kiosk, website (at home) or on paper, the route to be followed is displayed on your own device.
indoor navigation
indoor navigation
Find your car
The Car-Finder is a service that shows the shortest route to your parked car from the payment terminal or from the entrance of the parking garage. Easy to use, accurate to the meter and available without prior installation on any mobile device.

From the parking lot it is sufficient to scan the QR code next to your car with your smartphone. The position is saved and displayed on your smartphone.
A QR code can also be scanned from the payment terminal. Both the position of the payment terminal and the position of your parked car are displayed on your smartphone.
Alternative routes & stops
Custom routes can be set for wheelchair users, people with reduced mobility or people with prams, so that, for example, escalators or narrower passageways can be avoided.

A-B-C routing, meaning routings with multiple intermediate stops is also possible.
indoor navigation


2D Indoor Navigation


3D Indoor Navigation


Car Finder



IKANDA offers you an all-in solution.
Together we will choose the most suitable kiosks or screens.
After agreement, we take care of the installation on site, the configuration and the necessary integrations.
Moreover, we offer support after the completion of the project.

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