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Room Finder

Employees and their visitors must be able to easily locate the meeting room booked for them. Also they should be able to see quickly if there are still rooms available in the building in case no room was booked in advance.

The Room Finder solution provides a professional overview of all current and upcoming meetings. Additional information such as duration, organizer or available material
(flip chart, beamer, video conferencing, ...) can also be displayed or you can opt to add a direction indicator so that the meeting rooms can be found even more easily.

The Room Finder software is completely hardware independent, can be linked to different calendar systems and can also be combined with our digital signage solutions, so that the screens can function as real content boards.


There is a choice of different templates with the option to adjust the background color and the font and to upload a company logo.

The information that is shown on the screen can be completely determined by yourself: upcoming meetings, location, end time, progress, organizer, ...

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room finder
room finder
All templates are fully responsive and therefore adaptable to any screen size. This way you can choose the ideal screen, perfectly adapted to any reception room, lobby or other office space.

The screens can be placed both horizontally and vertically, the Room Finder software adapts without any problems.

Would you rather not have screens on the wall? Then choose a screen on a kiosk to display the agenda overview.
Full Screen Content Board
The combination with the Signagelive Digital Signage CMS transforms the screen into a full-fledged Content Board.

The Room Finder can be alternated with other content such as traffic information, menu of the day or internal company communication.

You can also opt for the dynamic feeds of Seenspire where Infotainment (news, sports, traffic, ...), Social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, ...) and content generated by Teams are automatically prepared in a graphically attractive jacket, without having to do anything.
room finder
Room finder
Content Board in zones
The Signagelive CMS also allows you to divide the screen into multiple zones according to a layout of your choice.

The Room Finder can be combined with, among other things, a company video for visitors with instructions on how to sign up or with one of the dynamic feeds from Seenpire that, for example, display all of the company's social media posts in a branded layout.

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