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Video Conferencing

Working remotely is currently gaining popularity and therefore more online meetings are being organized. This means that everyone will have to attend video calls much more often and as a consequence that the business world will have to adapt to this.

The modern Video Conferencing solutions guarantee that meetings can be held face-to-face without any problem, regardless of the location where everyone is located. For example, meetings can take place in fully equipped Video Conference Rooms or just behind the desk with a PC or with a tablet or smartphone.

Depending on the size, each Conference Room needs a different approach.
IKANDA will work with you to find the most suitable solution for your company.
Our integrated solutions are compatible with the most popular video conferencing platforms: Microsoft, Google, Zoom, Webex and more.
Video conferencing
Logitech and Google Cloud bring the high-quality G Suite Hangouts Meet experience to your meeting rooms and other team rooms.
Video conferencing
All Logitech video conferencing products are certified and fully compatible with Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.
Video conferencing
Video tools from Logitech and Zoom jointly control Zoom Room, Zoom Room for Touch and Zoom Meetings for the desktop.
Video conferencing

Logitech and Cisco tools are fully compatible with Cisco® Jabber®, Spark ™, WebEx® and IP phones for video collaboration.

For which type of meeting room are you looking for a solution?

video conferencing


What do you need to have a video meeting from home, at work or on the train without any problems.
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video conferencing


How can the popularity gaining Huddle Rooms be adapted for Video Conferencing?
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What do you need for professional video conferencing in medium-sized meeting rooms?
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How can video conferences be organized without any problem in large meeting rooms?
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