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Workplace module

workplace management
Employees no longer have a fixed workplace within the New Way of Working.

Our solution ensures that employees quickly find a free workplace and that they can also search for their colleagues by name, position or department.
The advantage is that everyone knows about each other where they work, even if someone works from a remote location.

Ikanda offers you a 360° solution that includes the software, the hardware (screens and/or sensors) and the services.


FlexWhere is our cloud software application that can be integrated with Active Directory and various other reservation tools (Exchange, Office365, Google Apps, Planon, Topdesk, ...).
All information can also be consulted outside the office via the FlexWhere app.
If desired, the software can also be linked to sensors, but this is not a requirement.
All data processed by FlexWhere is completely anonymous.
Find free workplaces
The Workplace module maps all workplaces per floor.
By selecting a floor, employees immediately see if many people are working on that floor or not and where exactly the free workplaces are located. Once a workplace has been chosen, it is sufficient to reserve it and then you will also be findable for your colleagues.

Find colleagues
When you click on an occupied workplace, you can see which colleague is working there.

In this way, Meeting rooms and Parking spaces can also be mapped and booked.


The Workplace module can be used without sensors - in this case the employee indicates where he sits via the tray app on his PC (just a few mouse clicks).
If a workplace can be linked to a fixed device with a MAC address (Thin Client, docking station, fixed PC, ...), then the employee does not have to take any action to be automatically registered at this workplace.

When the software is connected to Sensors, the employee also does not have to take any action to registrate the occupation of his workplace. By hanging one sensor above a work island of 4 to 6 people, the occupancy of all workplaces is automatically detected and processed.
In this case it is an anonymous occupation and the location of the colleagues can therefore not be found


The complete occupancy of a building can be displayed by means of overview screens at the reception, on the wall or via information kiosks.

A combination of Flexwhere with our Digital Signage solutions is also possible.
As a result, in addition to the overview of the occupancy rate of the building, company information such as videos, RSS feeds, Social Media, menu of the day or other info can also be displayed.


The management and administration functions are offered as a standard part of Flexwhere.  These functions provide the possibility to generate reports on the occupancy rate of buildings, floors and individual workplaces.

A heat map shows for each floor which workplaces are the most visited.
The facility services can be adjusted to this if necessary.
This data is accessible via the management tool, but can also be exported as an Excel file.

With the administration function, workplaces can easily be adjusted, added or removed by yourself.


IKANDA offers you an all-in solution.
After agreement, we take care of the installation on site, the configuration and the necessary integrations.
Moreover, we offer support after the completion of the project.
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