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Parking Management

parking management



With only one camera, outdoor up to 300 parking spaces and indoor up to 8 parking spaces can be monitored simultaneously. Every few seconds, the cameras take pictures of the parking area to be monitored.

The cameras' input is then sent to an online platform on which everything is processed using Computer Vision and Deep Learning algorithms.

As output an API is made available that can be used for eg. measuring real-time versus predicted availability or for smart parking apps or planning tools.
In short, every app can use this data thanks to API's.

So, a real-time situation that shows both availability and parking duration is outlined with a minimal hardware investment.
Moreover, if cameras are already present, they can simply be reused.
As a result, these cameras have a very large application area.
parking management
parking management
Indoor & Outdoor car parks
Available parking spaces can be registered on large company car parks or public car parks without having to provide each parking space with complex hardware.
parking management
parking management
Highway and street car parks
Parking spaces can also be mapped in the streets, just like large parking spaces for trucks. With the incoming data you can then proactively inform and adjust.
parking management
parking management
Detection parking violations
Wrong parking, double parking, taking the parking space for the disabled, ... all violations can be noticed immediately and, if necessary, immediate action can be taken.
parking management
parking management
Measure parking pressure - Short-term parking
The number of vehicles at gas stations can be mapped.
The occupancy of electric charging points can be measured (max. parking time).
parking management
parking management
Traffic management - License plate recognition
Through traffic can also be counted in order to make analyzes about the traffic pressure.
The cameras can recognize license plates which can be useful when monitoring reserved parking spaces or as an addition to visitor management.


parking management
The parking management software can be used flexibly, as a stand-alone application or integrated into other systems.
The real-time analyzes can be consulted immediately on a PC, tablet or via an app for mobile devices.
In this way, employees of companies or visitors to a city can view parking availability in advance in order to search for alternatives if nessecary.




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