Resource Reservation Software

Reservation of rooms, catering, parking and other resources.

Most reservation systems are primarily focused on booking meeting rooms, but wouldn't it be ideal if you could reserve all of your needed resources from one single tool? This is now possible with the Resource Reservation Software from Add-on Products, suitable for Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 & Teams.  Now you can easily book meeting rooms, order catering, reserve parking spaces or company cars and provide many other resources, even for different locations or multiple countries at the same time, all from one and the same tool.

Watch the videos to see how it works for users and for service providers or read more about it below.
For users
For Service Providers

Book resources

Book meeting rooms

Catering reservation

Catering can be organized together with the booking of the meeting rooms via an integrated order form with which the organizer can indicate wishes such as:
- Type of lunch and drinks, time of day, for how many people, ...
- Exceptions for allergies
- Table arrangements: round or square table arrangement, classroom, ...
- To whom should the invoice be sent

The content of this order form can be formatted according to the own company needs and can differ per meeting room, building or country.
The Service Providers receive incoming orders directly and any changes or cancellations are automatically processed.

Book parking places, cars or bicycles.

Why provide a separate tool to book company cars or bicycles or to reserve parking spaces for visitors or management? By keeping all this within one tool (Outlook), everything is within reach (availability of the resource + availability of the people).
Be sure to also check out our solution for desk booking.
reservation tool
resource reservation software

Reserve additional resources

Resources such as laptops, projectors or digital flipcharts can also be easily reserved by putting them into separate categories or by simply adding them to the order form.

Order forms can be adapted to specific business needs and can vary per room, building or country.

The service providers receive the resource requests directly and any changes or cancellations are automatically processed through the Reservation Software.
Your own IT department could also be created as a service provider, so that f.i. assistance with setting up a video conference can be requested in advance.

Visitor Registration

The integrated visitor management function creates an efficient workflow from registration to printing visitor badges and reporting on visitors.

Receptionists can quickly register visitors, print badges and perform bar code scans of badges to keep track of the registered visitors. When visitors check in, the organizers are automatically notified by e-mail or text message.

In unsupervised lobbies or high-traffic reception areas, companies can use the self-registration kiosk feature where visitors can check themselves in (hardware required) and save receptionists a lot of time.
visitor registration
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Reservation system
reservation software
Add-on Products is specialized in developing Microsoft Outlook add-ons.
Outlook already comes with its own set of standard features, but Microsoft also supports various third-party APIs and technologies, allowing the existing features to be expanded to better meet specific needs such as organizing catering for meetings or booking additional IT resources.

Add-on Products offers their application both as Software as a Service (SaaS) and on-premise.

The Add-on software is suitable for Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 & Teams.

How does it work for Front End Users?

How does it work for Back End Service Providers?

Have you already thought of these additional possibilities?



With Smart sensors, people can be detected and counted. Sensors are therefore perfectly usable to check the reservations made against reality. Smart Sensors also measure various environmental factors such as temperature, CO2, VOC, UV, noise and light.

Read more about our sensors here

Room Booking Displays

Room Booking Displays

Placing Room booking displays at each meeting room ensures that everyone can quickly see the current status of the room (free, occupied, no show). Rooms can also be booked directly on the screens and a link with multiple reservation systems is possible.

Read more about Room Booking Displays.

Room Finder

Room Finder

The Room Finder Software ensures that all current and upcoming meetings are displayed in a professional manner on large screens. This way, everyone can see which meetings are going on, in which room they are expected and where to find the room.

Read more about Room Finder.



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