People Counting

people counting

Most retailers miss huge opportunities by under-utilizing one of the most critical figures, namely the conversion rate from visit to effective purchase.

Counting the number of visitors and analyzing their further behavior can provide very important insights for all companies that offer goods and services.

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it" (Lord Kelvin)

Ikanda offers a total package that includes the people counters, the reporting and the services.


Visitorcount 70x70
Visitor Count
Counts the number of visitors that actually enter the store.
Visitorduration 70x70
Visitor Duration 
Measures how long visitors remain in the store.
Outside Traffic 70x70
Outside Traffic
Counts how many people pass through but do not enter.
Returning Customer 70x70
Returning Customers
Counts the number of visitors that visit multiple times.
Crossshopping 70x70
Cross Shopping
Measures who also visits other store locations.
Salesconversion 70x70
Sales Conversion
Study the sales compared to the number of visitors.
people count
people counting

3D people counting

Wifi counting

Why people counting?

After an international store was confronted with a sharp decline in revenue due to external economic factors, they took steps to better understand what was happening in each of their stores. They installed People Counters and after analyzing the results, they saw that more than half of their customers left without a purchase. They also realized that their personnel costs were higher than necessary due to the over-staffing during calmer periods. After making a few adjustments and looking at their conversion ratio from visitors to buyers, their sales increased enormously:
people counting
  • They adjusted lunch breaks, which led to a 16.5% increase in the conversion rate
  • During peak hours the focus was on customer service rather than on other tasks, which resulted in a 9% increase in conversions
  • They noticed that when store managers were out of sight, the conversion dropped by 5%

All retailers need to measure traffic and customer conversion in their stores. If you don’t, you’re flying blind!
Already convinced? Or rather some extra information? 


people count
The People Counters are provided with a Business Reporting Tool. Every morning, up to more than 25 reports can be generated automatically.

  • Reports across all store locations
  • Reports per individual point of sale
  • Marketing efficiency reports
  • Sales conversion reports
  • Heatmap analyzes
  • ...

All Stores - Summary Report

All Stores - Summary Report

One Store - Daily Report

 One Store - Daily Report

All Stores - Sales Conversion

All Stores - Sales Conversion

Zone Analytics Report

Zone Analytics Report



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