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Video Conferencing - Large Meeting Room

video  conferencing
The IKANDA Kit for Large Meeting Rooms (8-12 people) is designed for online meetings in larger spaces and allows everyone to participate in Google Meet, Teams or Zoom meetings at the touch of a button. 2 screens offer everyone a clear view of the video conference and of the simultaneously shared presentation material.

The IKANDA Kit for Large Meeting Rooms includes:
  • Logitech Tap (optional)
  • Logitech Rally Plus Camera
  • 2x 4K screens
  • 2x Speaker
  • Mic pods + Hub
  • Intel Mini‐PC  (Chromebox in case of Google) (only with Logitech Tap)

Logitech Tap

video conferencing software
Logitech Tap, the solution for online meetings in larger meeting rooms, includes calendar integration, one-touch participation, instant content sharing and comes pre-configured with software from Google, Zoom or Microsoft. It is also possible to connect to a PC via USB as an extra screen, enabling new touch control applications such as team collaboration, digital boards, room automation or environmental control.

Rally Plus Camera

logitech rally camera

The Logitech Rally is a standalone video conferencing camera packed with advanced optics and breakthrough technologies that deliver premium performance in professional meeting rooms of all sizes. With silent mechanical panning, tilting and zooming, a razor-sharp HD 15x zoom, a wide diagonal field of view of 90° and a powerful 4K sensor, the Rally camera captures everyone in the room with phenomenal image quality.

4K Screen

digitale meeting

All screens from 55 inches are suitable for video conferencing in large conference rooms. The monitors have 4K resolution and have superior image quality and high brightness (500cd/m²), ideal for online meetings. Thanks to the low power consumption, the monitors are suitable for 24/7 use and the narrow edges around the screen provide an elegant finish that matches the style of any meeting room.


video conferencing hardware
Additional speakers are added to fill large spaces with clear sound during online meetings. RightSound™ technologies that virtually eliminate distortion, clipping and vibration make it is easy for the speakers to understand speech while maintaining comfortable volume levels. With sound from multiple speakers, voices are transported around the room at a moderate volume.

Mic Pod + Hub

video conferencing hardware

Rally Mic Pods provide a clear, natural and pleasant sound and contain multiple beamforming elements that target active speakers, while automatically eliminating acoustic distractions. The Mic pods listen to every voice, not just the loudest, but also those who are further away or have softer voices. Up to seven Rally Mic Pods can be daisy-chained with a single cable connection to the Rally Table Hub.

Intel Mini PC

video conferencing hardware

A pre-configured Intel Mini PC connects all peripherals. It is built with an Intel i7 vPro processor for excellent performance and SSD storage for the shortest possible start time. Thanks to Microsoft® Windows® 10 Pro, the management of devices, apps and IDs can be fine-tuned to the business needs.


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