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video conferencing
The IKANDA Kit for Medium Meeting Rooms (4-8 people) allows employees to participate in video calls via the all-in-one Rally Bar.

The IKANDA Kit for Medium Meeting Rooms includes:

Logitech Rally Bar Logitech Tap
4K Monitor Mic pods


Rally Bar

logitech rally camera

Logitech Rally Bar is an all-in-one video bar: microphone + speaker. Thanks to AI, human sensing and motorized PTZ, it adapts to meeting dynamics and keeps the camera focused on who is speaking. RightSound ™ technology with AI automatically levels loud and soft voices (and suppresses unwanted noise) so that every voice sounds clear. Rally Bar can be used stand alone (connection via USB to any PC, without software) but also in appliance mode, where supported video conferencing applications (such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams Rooms) can be run directly on the device without the need for a PC or laptop .

4K display

digitale meeting

55" or 65" presentation displays are ideal for video conferencing in medium-sized conference rooms. The screens have 4K resolution, superior image quality and high brightness (500cd / m²) and are suitable for 24/7 use thanks to their low power consumption.
If you want to calculate the ideal screen size for all your meeting rooms yourself, read more here.

In addition to the regular displays, interactive displays such as Samsung Flip are also ideal for all your video meetings.
Read more about our Presentation displays and Interactive displays.


Logitech Tap

video vergadering
Logitech Tap, the solution for online meetings in larger meeting rooms, includes calendar integration, one-touch participation, instant content sharing and comes pre-configured with software from Google (not possible in combination with Rally Bar), Zoom or Microsoft. Start your Teams meeting from the Logitech Tap by connecting it via USB to the Rally Bar.

Mic Pod

video conferencing

For larger groups or rooms, it can be expanded with a maximum of 3 extra Rally microphones. These Rally Mic Pods provide a clear, natural and pleasant sound. They include multiple beamforming elements that target active speakers, while automatically eliminating acoustic distractions. The Mic Pod listens to every voice, not just the loudest, including those who are further away or have softer voices.



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