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W46 Event&Meeting Center

Huis van de Automobiel | Digital Signage

The 'W46 Event & Meeting Center' has 9 rooms that are rented out for events and meetings.
They were looking for a solution to guide their guests in a professional way from their arrival to finding their right location.

For this purpose, IKANDA has provided a kiosk at the reception that uses digital signage to display the floor plan of the rooms + an overview of the agenda so that guests know in which room they are expected and whether the room is are already available.

In addition, on the ground floor IKANDA has placed a screen at each meeting room showing the name of the room, information about who has reserved the room and for what duration. A larger screen was placed on the 7th floor that displays the information from the two rooms together.

As it concerned an existing building and it was impossible to provide any additional cabling, we opted for Joan screens with battery and WiFi.


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huis van de automobiel      huis van de automobiel

huis van de automobiel

huis van de automobiel

huis van de automobiel


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