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Woonstad Rotterdam

Woonstad Rotterdam | Het Nieuwe Werken

Woonstad Rotterdam uses the FlexWhere solutions in the context of The New Way of Working to know the occupancy of Meeting rooms and Workplaces and to find colleagues easily.

3 overview screens have been placed, 1 on each floor, on which the occupancy of the entire building is displayed. 35 meeting rooms were provided with a reservation screen on which the reservations (ad hoc and linked to the customer's reservation system) are displayed and with which the rooms can also be booked immediately. These screens show whether a room is free or occupied and also "no-shows" are displayed (no one showed up within 15 minutes after the start of the meeting).

With the workplace module, employees can immediately see which workplaces are still available in the building. Then they just have to log in and indicate which place they have taken. This way, they can also be found by their colleagues.

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Woonstad Rotterdam   Overzichtscherm het nieuwe werken referenties

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