The 21st century has changed many things about modern society, from the way people shop to the numerous ways that they consume information. Another change to come about in recent years has been a major shift in Workplace Management and Operations.

Businesses everywhere are looking for ways to improve Employee Satisfaction and Retention, adding flexibility to offices.

The New Way of Working (also called FlexWork or FlexDesks) has been introduced by many companies in the meantime, but we at IKANDA believe that those companies still lack the tools to inform their Employees, Customers and Visitors about how they:

-Can Find & Book available Desks
-Can Find & Book available Meeting Rooms
-Can Find & Book available Parking Spaces
-Can Find Colleagues and Departments
-Welcome your Visitors already at their reserved parking space in the most personalized way
-Guide people to their destination

IKANDA integrates the solutions from FlexWhere and offers them as a standalone solution or integrated in our Digital Signage or Indoor Navigation solutions.

How FlexWhere works

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FlexWhere is a cloudbased application and can be integrated with your Active Directory and Calendaring solution (Exchange, Office365, Google Apps, Lotus Notes, ...).
The frontend application is accessible on Kiosks, PC, tablet, smartphone and Digital Signage screens (at elevators, entrance of the building, ...).
Facility Managers can access the administration panel to optimize their operations (cleaning, airco, electricity, less m² required, ...).

Occupancy of workspaces or desks can be retrieved in several ways (with or without sensors):

  • The user logs in into FlexWhere and says where he or she will be sitting (only 2 mouse clicks)
  • A sensor is mounted under each workspace you want to measure, this sensor will detect presence and show its status in FlexWhere
  • A combination of both of above scenarios: those who do not login will still be detected by the sensor, the others can be found by name, function, ...
  • If we can assign a location to a fixed asset, like a docking station, a thin client, network cable, etc..., FlexWhere also doesn't need any sensors.

If someone is away for a couple of minutes (toilet visit, meeting, ...) his desk can still be kept locked, the FlexWhere application is regularly polling the activity of the PC or the sensors.

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A booking in your calendaring solution (Exchange, Office365, Google Apps, Lotus Notes, ...) will also be shown in FlexWhere and vice versa: an ad-hoc reservation in FlexWhere (easy booking per 15 minutes) will also be reflected in your calendaring solution.
We can also foresee small displays on each meeting room, so you can easily see your reservations and book new ad-hoc ones.
In combination with sensors (1 per room or 1 per chair), real meeting room occupancy can be measured.

Parking occupancyAlso the occupancy of parking places can be seen & booked in FlexWhere, just as you can make reservations for desks and meeting rooms.
Parking places can be booked in your calendaring solution (Exchange, Office365, Google Apps, Lotus Notes, ...) and these bookings will be shown in FlexWhere and vice versa.
Personal welcomingYour parking lot is the first place where you can give your employees, customers and visitors a personal and warm welcome.
Just like we can show booking information at meeting room displays, we can also welcome people at their parking space.
When they are invited with your calendaring solution (Exchange, Office365, Google Apps, Lotus Notes, ...) they will also immediately know which parking space has been booked for them.
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