People Counting

People CountingMost retailers are missing massive opportunities by underutilizing one of the most critical numbers: The conversion rate of visitors to buyers. Are you surprised?

Retail conversion is probably the most crucial metric for retailers.

One International store found that out the hard way. After this store had got hit by a steep decline in business due to external economic factors, it took steps to understand better what was happening in each of their stores. They installed retail people counters and started people counting.

Over time, the store saw that over half of all customers left without purchasing. They also noticed that they were paying more than they needed to by staffing the store during slower hours.

After making a few adjustments and monitoring their conversion rate of visitors to buyers, this International store’s performance skyrocketed:

  • They adjusted lunch breaks, leading to a 16.5% increase in conversion rates;
  • They focused on customer service instead of tasks, which resulted in a 9% increase in conversions during peak hours;
  • They noticed that when store managers were out of sight, conversion fell by 5%.

“All retailers need to measure traffic and customer conversion in their stores. If you don’t, you’re flying blind


"If you can not measure it, you can not improve it" (Lord Kelvin)

Footfall Counting and Wi-Fi Analytics

Visitor Count

Outside Traffic

Visit Duration

Returning Customer

Cross Shopping

Sales Conversion

Stereo Vision (3D) People Counting

Counter has the ability to see an object in 3D form; with height, width and depth by viewing a scene from two slightly different angles.
Stereo Vision

WiFi Counting

Uses Wi-Fi receiver to pick up unique Wi-Fi beacons signals emitted from the smartphones with a range of up to 100 metres.

Door Counter

Door Counter
5x Metrics in One Device

Footfall Counting
Outside Traffic
Dwell Time
Returning Customers
Cross Shopping

Zone Counter

Zone Counter
Zone analysis, Visitor Flow, Dwell time per zone
Easy to install
Highest Accuracy


15+ default reports
APIs for 3rd party integrations
System Health Check Report
Access Control
Analysis tools


Please find below some example reports.

All Stores - Summary Report

One Store - Daily Report

All Stores - Sales Conversion

Zone Analytics Report

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