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Why reserve workspaces?

Desk & Asset booking

For companies, it is important to balance the interests of the employer and the employee. Whereas previously no one had a problem with coming to the office every day, our way of working has changed dramatically since COVID. Suddenly both parties saw the benefits of "The New Way of Working."

However, there are some pitfalls you should be aware of:

  • Since COVID, staff turnover has never been higher. It is often the social contacts that convince us to stay with a company. If you are always home alone and only hear from colleagues via Teams, that advantage falls away for the employer and employees are more likely to seek other places.
  • The reverse is also true: companies that do not follow this trend and still require their staff to come to the office every day are losing more and more people.
  • If people are asked to go to the office, the idea is that they will get more value for their money there than they would if they just kept working at home.

IKANDA solutions for reserving Workspaces.

Add-On Products Workspace app puts the power of a full-fledged meeting room and desk booking software at your fingertips. Add-On Products is based entirely on Exchange/O365 resource mailboxes.

Easy booking via smartphone and browser. Automatic check-in and occupancy without sensors, without manual intervention. Comprehensive real-time and historical occupancy.

Let Joan take care of reserving desks, equipment and parking spaces and make sure people always get what they need for optimal work performance in the office.

Benefits for Employees

So great is the frustration of many employees IF they make the effort to come to the office and brave the traffic jam AND that added value of the office turns out not to be there after all:

  • The office is crowded and I can't concentrate on the workspace assigned to me
  • There is hardly anyone in the office and certainly not the colleagues I wanted to work with today
  • All parking spaces (especially those with an electric charging station) are full so I have to park my car outside on the street

Benefits for Employers

For employers since COVID, managing a building has become more difficult than it used to be.
Facilities & HR managers are asking questions such as:

  • Does my entire building still need to be heated if there is only 30% occupancy?
  • Who should have access to the buildings when?
  • Who is entitled to a commute?
  • Will I need another office building this large in the future or what do I do with my excess sq. ft.?
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IKANDA provides the necessary tools & insights

The above points clearly show that both employees and employers would benefit from a tool to reserve parking spaces, workspaces, meeting rooms, visitors, etc....

Discover them below or request a demo.