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Room Booking screens

The Add-On Products Digital Sign software seamlessly integrates all iOS, Android and Windows screens with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. When a meeting is booked in Outlook®, all information regarding this meeting is automatically displayed on the appropriate meeting room screen in a fully customizable layout. All bookings made on the screen also appear immediately in Outlook.


Meeting room reservations

All information regarding meetings booked from Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 is displayed on the meeting room displays. The upcoming meetings in that room are also listed.

If it appears that a room is available, it can also be booked ad hoc, directly on the touch screen, for a time slot of your choice. All meetings booked ad hoc are also displayed in the regular calendar to avoid double bookings.

Ending or extending meetings

Sometimes it is difficult to determine in advance how long a meeting will take. If a meeting is done sooner than planned, you can end it directly on the meeting room display to release the room again. Both the display and the online calendar will then show the room as available again. If it appears that the meeting will be delayed and there are no upcoming meetings scheduled in the room, the end time can easily be adjusted on the room display in order to extend the meeting.

Check in

One can choose to use the check-in feature. By enabling this option, participants are required to confirm on the meeting room display a few minutes before or after the meeting whether the meeting will actually go ahead. The number of minutes is customizable during configuration. If the meeting is not confirmed then the booking will automatically be cancelled and the room will be released again.

One can also opt to hang sensors. This eliminates the need for the check-in function as these smart sensors automatically detect presence or absence.

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Additional functionalities


The built-in template editor makes it very easy to create unique layouts for meeting room displays. One can upload a company logo, choose fonts and colors and add images, completely matching the organization's branding.

There is a choice of provided sample templates, but self-designed templates can also be loaded and used.

Through the web-based dashboard, screen layouts can be quickly updated.


The web-based dashboard allows remote management of all meeting room displays from one central location. The online dashboard is updated in real time so one can immediately see which displays are on or offline. So no one has to go and check the screens one by one.
The dashboard also gives access to the template editor that allows one to design layouts and apply them to screens of their choice. One can track exactly what content was uploaded to which device and by whom.
Also, the online dashboard contains valuable statistics that allow administrators to track the performance and usage of the displays. For example, one can see how many meetings were extended or ended early or how many no-shows there have been.

RFID authentication

Improve security by requiring users to first identify themselves using an RFID card before they can confirm meetings or schedule new meetings on the screen itself. If the organizer does not show up to confirm the meeting, the room is automatically cleared for use by others. If using RFID reader screens, the use of meeting rooms can optionally be restricted to authorized cardholders. This prevents people from changing bookings that are not their own or using meeting rooms without permission.

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