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Reserve workstations with Add-On Products' Workspace app

Leverage the world's most widely used calendar solution: Outlook. Reserve workspaces, parking spaces, shared cars, ... via the Outlook calendar or with the Add-On Products Workspace app.

Desk & Asset booking

A hybrid workplace can lead to chaos when it comes to desks, and you never know how many are available. Too few? Far too many? Make sure your employees always get the workspace they want with the Workplace Booking App from Add-On Products.

Reserving parking spaces

Imagine all the things you could do in the time you spend looking for parking. You can now reserve company parking spaces through an app and view the situation in real time. A simple, frictionless and fair parking solution for everyone.

Reserve equipment

Do you have company equipment that your employees can use (camera, laptop, beamer, shared bikes, shared cars, etc.)? Make sure it is always clear where it is, who is using it and when it is available. Stop worrying and start booking!

Floor plans provide a visual representation of your workspace and make it easier to find meeting rooms. Users can determine availability by color-coding and book workspaces directly from the floor plan. Just tap the space you want to reserve on the floor plan and you can get started right away. Administrators of the workspace booking solution can enforce social distance by disabling all other workspaces on the floor plan to prevent them from being booked.

Find available workspaces and simplify booking with QR code scanning

The Workspace booking app also lets you add QR codes to all resources, such as meeting rooms and hot desks, within your Microsoft infrastructure. When you're in the office, you scan the QR code on a meeting room desk or door with your mobile device to determine availability or book it on the spot. You can book the resource at the first available time or choose a later time and date. You are not required to add all bookings you make through the Workspace reservation app to your calendar. Adding reservations to your calendar is optional. This feature is useful if you want to reserve a hot desk for a day, but don't necessarily want it to look like you're busy all the time to others viewing your calendar.

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Other Desk & Asset Booking Solutions

Easy booking via smartphone and browser. Automatic check-in and occupancy without sensors, without manual intervention. Comprehensive real-time and historical occupancy.

Let Joan take care of reserving desks, equipment and parking spaces and make sure people always get what they need for optimal work performance in the office.