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Where does your Digital Journey begin?

Digitizing your office building means using smart technologies to improve your work processes, energy consumption and customer experience. Within the era of smart buildings and flexible working, IKANDA provides one streamlined, digital experience from arrival to departure.

For employees

Book desks or meeting rooms, combined with catering, with the support of video conferencing.

For visitors

Get the most professional welcome through our visitor registration solutions.

For facility managers

Get insights into the use of the building so they can be put to optimal use.

For HR & Marketing Managers

With the help of digital signage, ensure professional internal communication and bring everyone up to date with all the news.

View our solutions

At IKANDA, we offer you advanced tools for booking desks and meeting rooms, efficient visitor registration, and integrated video conferencing systems. Everything to make your work environment flexible and productive. Curious? Look further for more details about our digital solutions.

Registering visitors digitally offers tremendous benefits for both the company and the visitors.
Managing content on screens using a Content Management System (CMS) is now child's play.
Wireless presenting in conference rooms - get rid of cables and worries. For Windows, Android & Apple devices.
Room Booking screens provide an up-to-date overview of the occupancy of your meeting rooms.
Desk Booking Apps for reserving desks, workspaces and other assets, with real-time and historical reporting.
Modernize your office with presentation screens and take your conference room to the next level with interactive touch displays.
Ordering rooms, resources and additional services (catering, visitors, etc.) from Outlook, how easy can it be?
Video conferencing for conference rooms. Perfect audio and image quality for all participants.
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Transform your workplace today

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us and take the first step toward a smarter work environment.