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Why wireless presentation in the conference room?

wireless presenting

With 1 presenter in a conference room, the easiest and cheapest solution is to connect an HDMI cable to the screen. However, an HDMI cable is limited in length and if several people want to start presenting at the same time, then passing the HDMI cable becomes rather cumbersome, presenting together does not work at all.

This is why more and more companies are switching to Wireless Presenting. By pressing a button or using an app you present on the screen, from Windows, Android or Apple devices.

If you have a room with video conferencing, you still need to plug the USB cable of the camera into your laptop. This is why there are now solutions for wireless video conferencing with the same button.

And it gets really nice when Video conferencing & Wireless presentation are integrated in 1 device.

IKANDA Solutions for Wireless Presentation

ClickShare is a wireless system for video conferencing, collaboration and presenting that provides a seamless connection between your laptop and the video and audio equipment in any meeting room. In less than 7 seconds, you can get started with a single click via the ClickShare Button or App.

Benefits for Employees

  • Sharing your screen wirelessly
  • Use the venue's video conferencing solution wirelessly
  • Share from Windows, Android or Apple devices (PC or smartphone/tablet)
  • Easily switch between multiple presenters

Benefits for Administrators

  • Simple central management
  • Adjusting the configuration remotely
  • Remote firmware upgrades
  • Customizing background
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IKANDA provides the necessary tools & insights

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