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Logitech video Conferencing systems for any meeting room

Logitech integrated video conferencing solutions are compatible with the most popular video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft, Google, Zoom, Webex and more. However, each video conferencing room, depending on its size, needs a different approach.


All-in-one USB (BYOM) camera/microphone/speaker from Logitech.

Suitable for rooms of 2 to 4 people.

All-in-one design

4K Ultra HD camera with 5 x HD zoom
Full range speaker system
Beamforming microphone array
Motorized lens for panning and tilting

Easy installation

Connection via USB
Optional expansion microphone
Stand for table/wall mounting

Convenient fixings

Stand for table
Wall mount
TV mount

What is BYOM?

BYOM is the abbreviation for Bring Your Own Meeting.

It means that people bring their own devices, such as laptops and tablets, and start meetings in the meeting room. In this case, you can bring your familiar laptop to the meeting room and hold a video conference while still using the available audio and video peripherals of the meeting room you are in. This way of working saves a lot of unnecessary hassle and stimulates creativity . Indeed, the device you bring yourself can maximize your productivity and reduce your adjustment time from the extraneous equipment in the meeting room.

So are you using Teams, Google, Zoom or Webex on your device and the person after you is using another tool? No problem!

BYOM can be used either wired (USB cable in laptop) or wireless (Barco Clickshare CX series).

Rally Bar Huddle

All-in-one video bar for team rooms and small spaces. Can be used in BYOM or Appliance mode.

3 ways to implement

In BYOD mode via platform of choice on the user's laptop
As a full room system via built-in appliance mode
In combination with a Windows-based room PC

Combination with Tap IP

The Tap IP and Rally Bar Huddle together form a complete solution


Made from recycled plastic
Responsibly packaged
Certified CO2 neutral


Easy to clean cover
Match the color of your video bar to your space

What is Appliance mode?

Unlike BYOM where the laptop will take over the video conferencing system from the user's laptop, it is also possible to provide the video bar with a rooms account from video conferencing platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. In the case of Microsoft Teams, this is known as Microsoft Teams Rooms based on Android or by adding an additional Windows PC. The Logitech Rally Bars (Huddle, Mini and Rally Bar) all have Android on board giving you the choice of BYOM or Appliance mode when configuring.

Rally Bar

The Logitech Rally Bar is the most powerful all-in-one solution for video conferencing, available in both BYOM and Appliance mode.

Suitable for medium to large spaces.


Add up to four Rally Mic Pods to extend audio range and provide easy access to mute buttons. Add the Tap IP in Appliance mode to quickly start up the meeting.

Everyone is seen and heard

AI video intelligence, advanced sound recording, noise reduction and continuous software improvements provide a clear and natural meeting experience for remote workers.

Manage remotely with Sync

Check the status of rooms and devices, deploy updates and change settings, all from a single cloud platform.

Logitech Sync

Check the status of rooms and devices, deploy updates and change settings, all from a single cloud platform.

Teams need to be able to work together now more than ever before, regardless of their location. Whether employees are in the office, at home or working somewhere else, Sync helps keep everyone connected by making sure their Logitech video collaboration devices are healthy and up-to-date. It also makes it easy to set up meeting room features to perfectly fit your company's needs.

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