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What types of screens exist for offices?


Screens come in different sizes and shapes, even in an office environment.

Importantly, they must be operationally reliable and last for several hours a day, years at a time, without problems.

High brightness, wide viewing angle and protected against burn-in are typical other criteria to be met.

Presentation screens, interactive screens, kiosks, digital signage screens, video walls ... the possibilities are endless.

IKANDA Solutions for Presentation & Interactive Screens

Effectively convey your presentation, information or advertising message with LG Ultra HD displays with stunning image quality. Combine with our Cleverspace Digital Signage CMS or use the display for presentations or video conferencing. With WiFi and powerful SoC.

Viewsonic has the largest range of touch displays that can be used in various sectors. Ideal for brainstorming and collaboration. Central management.


Displays - Video wall
Displays - Kiosks
Displays - Digital Signage
Collaboration displays
Presentation displays
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