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A safe office with happy visitors

Get an up-to-date overview of who is in your buildings. On-site or advance notification of visitors. Receive notification when your visitor has arrived. Comply with GDPR, ISO, FDA & PCI legislation.

Automatically add visitors through your calendar

Add [email protected] to your invitation in your calendar and we'll take care of the rest.

Remind your visitors of their appointment and send instructions

Make sure your visitors do not forget their appointment and automatically inform them of the time of the meeting, how to reach your office, where the entrance is, etc....

Automatic processing of administrative hassle

Automatically send NDAs or safety instructions before the start of the meeting or ask additional questions related to health/vaccination.

Self check-in and badge printing

Connect any tablet and/or printer. Display a QR code so your visitor can register themselves. Badges are automatically printed after the registration process.

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Let Joan take care of reserving desks, equipment and parking spaces and make sure people always get what they need for optimal work performance in the office.

Joan wireless screens, connected to Wifi network. Ideal for existing buildings where wiring can no longer be provided. Link with Microsoft or Google calendar.