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Why do I need a videoconferencing system in my conference room?

Video conferencing is now well established. One-on-one calls usually pose no problem, but when everyone wants to work together with their laptop in one room, it becomes less than obvious. Poor audio and image quality, echoes or broken connections are commonplace. When you equip your room with a professional videoconferencing system, you can be sure of perfect audio and image quality. There are 2 types of set-up possible.

  • Bring your own meeting (BYOM): the presenter starts the video call from his laptop (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google,...) but uses the room's equipment (screen, camera, speakers, microphone).
  • Appliance mode: the room is standardized on one strategically chosen video conferencing system (vb/ Microsoft Teams) so that the video call can be started right from the room without using your laptop

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IKANDA Solutions for Videoconferencing.

Logitech integrated video conferencing solutions are compatible with the most popular video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft, Google, Zoom, Webex and more.
However, each video conferencing room, depending on its size, needs a different approach.

Benefits for Employees

  • Video call startup with 1 press of a button
  • Everyone in the room is perfectly audible
  • No echoes
  • All participants will be pictured
  • Easy screen sharing between participants
  • Combinable with wireless presenting & interactive displays

Benefits for Administrators

  • No IT support required to set up a video call
  • Easy central management (updates, modifications, ...)
  • Understanding the use of meeting rooms
  • Satisfied end users
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IKANDA provides the necessary tools & insights

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