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IKANDA - Smart Office Integrator - Meeting Rooms )
IKANDA - Smart Office Integrator )

Smart Office

IKANDA provides IT solutions for Smart Office Buildings

For Reception, Workplaces, Parking and Meeting Rooms

Our Smart Office Solutions

Take your office to the next level

Are you looking for ways to make your office building smarter, more modern and more efficient? Do you want to offer your employees and visitors a streamlined, digital experience from arrival to departure? Then you've come to the right place with IKANDA.

As a Smart Office Integrator, we provide total solutions for Reception, Workplaces, Parking and Meeting Rooms and are always happy to assist you with advice.

Registering visitors digitally offers tremendous benefits for both the company and the visitors.
Room Booking screens provide an up-to-date overview of the occupancy of your meeting rooms.
Wireless presenting in conference rooms - get rid of cables and worries. For Windows, Android & Apple devices.
Ordering rooms, resources and additional services (catering, visitors, etc.) from Outlook, how easy can it be?
Video conferencing for meeting rooms. Perfect audio and image quality for all participants.
Desk Booking Apps for reserving desks, workspaces and other assets, with real-time and historical reporting.
Modernize your office with presentation screens and take your conference room to the next level with interactive touch displays.
Managing content on screens using a Content Management System (CMS) is now child's play.

One point of contact

Because of our many years of experience as an IT integrator specializing in "The New Way of Working," companies choose IKANDA when they are looking for a specific solution or a complete modernization of their office.



In an initial conversation, we will be happy to explore your needs and explain the extent to which our solutions meet them.



Because our hardware portfolio is so extensive, we are sure to have a match for your request.



We will help you choose the most appropriate solution and make sure it is compatible with your environment.



Our experienced installation team ensures a quality and neat installation, followed by training for the operators.



Even after the sale we remain available, we pride ourselves on fast and professional service. We go for a long-term cooperation.


Modernize visitor registration and provide a GDPR/AVG-proof reception experience with our advanced reception solutions.

Reserving workstations, parking spaces, sharing bikes, etc... from PC, smartphone or Outlook becomes child's play.

Video conferencing, wireless presenting, interactive screens or booking the room from Outlook with catering and visitors.

Project in the spotlight


Coreso was looking for a solution to manage their visitors in conjunction with badge printing. We proposed the Joan Visitor Management App and it met all expectations

Our clients

You don't have to believe us when we say we will always do our best for you! But then take a moment to listen to what our customers think of us.

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I am very satisfied with the responsiveness and also the proactivity of IKANDA.

Due to circumstances beyond IKANDA's control, we had to wait longer than expected for the delivery of the kiosk, but Nico kept me regularly informed about the status of the project and the reason for delay.

Whenever I had a question, I get an answer very quickly.

Coreso - Lara Herinckx
Office Manager

We were looking for a reservation tool that could be built into Outlook. IKANDA presented us with Resource Central from Add-on Products, a meeting and visitor registration system that looks like Microsoft itself added a new feature to Outlook.

IKANDA takes the lead and makes sure the project gets off the ground. In our case, we also had a lot of contact with Add-on Products but IKANDA made sure they were involved in meetings when needed. Only positive feedback about IKANDA.

Dutch Banking Association - Joost Duivenvoorden
Dutch Banking Association - Joost Duivenvoorden
IT Service & Cloud Administrator

Given our growth, we were urgently looking for a solution to manage office work. I came to IKANDA through word of mouth for a Room and Desk Booking solution and after only about 2 weeks we were up and running! The IKANDA team is always available and very professional. The colleagues immediately loved Joan' s Room and Desk Booking app and are really happy with it.

Devoteam - Gaël Gori
Devoteam - Gaël Gori
Finance & Administration Manager

They go to great lengths to deliver a good setup, disassembling and reassembling everything back they did with great pleasure until everything was 100% to our liking. The camera quality of the Rally bar and all the possibilities with it are unmatched, the sound is perfect, and the Screenbeam never let us down so far. A super setup!!!

Hosted Power - Jo Goossens
Hosted Power - Jo Goossens
Managing Director

IKANDA stands for a personal & hands-on approach with very fast implementation!

Van Havermaet - Eliane Peeters
Van Havermaet - Eliane Peeters
IT - Network Administrator

The solutions of FlexWhere and IKANDA have also been received with great enthusiasm by our employees. It's good to see that employees are looking for each other again faster instead of sending emails or calling because they can see at a glance whether the colleague is nearby. No more questions like "Where can I sit?", "Where is my colleague sitting?", "Where is a free meeting room?" and "What is the actual occupancy?".

Meerinzicht - Arnout Offereins
Meerinzicht - Arnout Offereins
IT specialist

We were looking for a way to distribute customer-focused information through our network of agencies. IKANDA came up with a digital and centralized solution to broadcast messages through screens using Digital Signage. They took care of all aspects of the solution and after a year of use, I cannot find a negative point. I have only good thoughts about IKANDA's service: very professional, available and proactive.

Partena Professional - Thomas Vieujean
Partena Professional - Thomas Vieujean
Graphic & Web Designer


Follow our blog for tips and inspiration on how to start using your office building smarter and more efficiently.

From October 2024, the European NIS2 Directive will become national law in Belgium. This directive requires a wider range of enterprises to better secure themselves against cyber attacks. What does this mean for your organization?

Several clients ask us the question: how large should the screens we want to provide in our meeting rooms be?

Visitor registration provides a record of who, when and how many people are on your premises.

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