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Non touch presentation screens

Effectively convey your presentation, information or advertising message with LG Ultra HD displays with stunning image quality. Combine with our Cleverspace Digital Signage CMS or use the display for presentations or video conferencing. With WiFi and powerful SoC.

LG presentation screens

Meeting room

In a conference room, the use of a professional LG screen is very important.

Clear communication

A professional screen ensures that the message you want to convey is displayed clearly and distinctly. Whether for presentations, graphics, or videos, a quality screen reinforces the visual information you are sharing.

Impactful presentation

A conference room is where important decisions are made. A professional screen with the right size and resolution ensures that your presentations and information impress those in attendance.

Comfortable viewing

Meetings can sometimes be long. A good screen ensures that participants can continue to watch comfortably, even during lengthy sessions.


The ideal viewing distance from the screen is important. Professional LG screens are designed to keep text, images and graphics readable even from a certain distance and from oblique angles.

LG webOS

LG Smart Signage Platform webOS enables easy integration and expansion with intuitive UX and various value-added solutions.

The built-in System on Chip ensures that no additional players are required for Digital Signage applications.

Digital Signage

LG screens are perfect for Digital Signage applications for offices, retail, healthcare, industrial, etc...

Widely applicable

Screens suitable for indoor, semi-indoor & outdoor applications


Ultra HD 4K resolution (3840 x 2160)
High brightness
Resistant to burn-in
24x7 usage


Built-in System on Chip player with webOS operating system. No additional players required! Combine with Cleverspace Digital Signage CMS.


Available in all sizes and shapes. From stand-alone screens to video walls, totems and LED screens

Our clients

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Combine the LG non-touch screens with

Logitech integrated video conferencing solutions are compatible with the most popular video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft, Google, Zoom, Webex and more.
However, each video conferencing room, depending on its size, needs a different approach.

The most complete and user-friendly Digital Signage CMS on the market. Built into LG and Samsung screens or with an external player. Dozens of free apps.

ClickShare is a wireless system for video conferencing, collaboration and presenting that provides a seamless connection between your laptop and the video and audio equipment in any meeting room. In less than 7 seconds, you can get started with a single click via the ClickShare Button or App.

Other screens

Viewsonic has the largest range of touch displays that can be used in various sectors. Ideal for brainstorming and collaboration. Central management.