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Booking rooms, catering, parking and other resources via Outlook

Did you know that with Resource Central's Outlook plug-in you can not only book meeting rooms but also find your room on an interactive floor plan, order catering, register visitors, etc.? Each service provider (catering, IT, reception, ...) receives an up-to-date overview of the orders.

All-in-one solution

No more sending separate Excels around to the kitchen or reception. From now on, we do everything in Outlook and everything stays synchronized and up-to-date!

Meeting room reservations

Add-on Products' Resource Reservation Software makes it easy to book rooms based on availability and on a lot of self-defined filters (room size,video conferencing available, touch screen, ...) and according to employees' schedules.

Catering reservation

The organization of catering is done together with the booking of the meeting rooms via an order form that allows the organizer to provide numbers, requirements, table arrangement and cost center. Service providers receive incoming orders directly and any changes or cancellations are automatically updated.

Reserve parking spaces, cars or bikes

Resource Central is not limited to just meeting rooms. Anything that can be booked can be added (laptops, beamers, flipcharts, workspaces, ...)

Visitor Registration

Receptionists can quickly check in visitors, print badges and scan badges to keep track of registered visitors. When visitors check in, organizers are automatically notified by e-mail. Unmanned lobbies can be equipped with a kiosk.

Integration with

Microsoft integration

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How does it work for end users?

1. Reserve resources through the 'Resource Finder' plug-in.
2.-front-end-resource-filtering capabilities
2. Search or filter all criteria important for your meeting: country, location, available seats, beamer, phone,...
3. Make your choice from the meeting rooms selected based on your filters.
4. Compare room availability with your peers.
5. Order catering using the integrated order form. Your service providers can immediately consult and process everything online.
6.-front-end-confirmation email
6. After finalizing your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details.
7. The 'My meetings' plug-in gives you an overview of all the meetings you have scheduled.

How does it work for service providers?

1.-overview page-back-end
1. Service Providers have their own tool to manage all requests.
2. Order lines Back End2
2. An overview of all catering requests is displayed . Each status has its own color (new, modified, canceled,...).
3. Order Details Back End
3. Clicking on an order line displays all the details of the catering request.
4. Mail Order Confirmationsv2
4. For any application accepted, modified or rejected by the Service Provider, the applicant will be notified via email.

Other Add-On Products Solutions

Add-On Products Workspace app puts the power of a full-fledged meeting room and desk booking software at your fingertips. Add-On Products is based entirely on Exchange/O365 resource mailboxes.

Room booking screens linked to Exchange on-premise or Office365. Customizable layouts. Hardware independent (iOS, Android, Windows). Comprehensive reporting.