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Wireless meeting room screens

The Joan Room Booking displays allow you to equip any room with battery-powered screens. So no extra wiring is needed. Paired with Microsoft and Google calendars.

Joan 6 RE

Joan's wireless touch Room Booking Displays have a rechargeable battery and can be hung on any wall or glass with magnetic strips without drilling. On the digital displays you can see whether or not a room is booked, for how long and by whom. Ad hoc reservations can also be allowed directly on the screens.

Simple user interface

The updated Joan 6" screen displays an improved and simpler user interface that makes your reservation experience enjoyable.

Extreme battery life

Battery features improved battery life even in poor Wi-Fi conditions. Charging via USB (laptop or battery pack).

Faster & better

The Joan 6 RE is even faster, even more responsive than its predecessor, thanks to its new high-performance architecture.

To be used with your existing calendar tool

Secure Wi-Fi connects to the network allowing the Joan displays to be synced with most digital calendars such as Office 365, Exchange, G Suite and iCalendar.

On screen applications

Booking, Check-in, Cancellation

If you book a room using your existing reservation tool, the available information of this reservation will be shown on the display. Rooms can also be booked directly on the display. The room can then be taken immediately via Meet Now or booked at a later time via Meet Later. Canceling a meeting can also be done via the screen.

By enabling the Check-In option, participants will be required to check-in 5, 15 or 30 minutes before or after the start of the meeting. If this is not done, the meeting is assumed not to take place and will automatically be removed from the calendar and the room is reset to available.


Schedule of meetings

The Timetable button allows you to view the full agenda for the next 7 days for that meeting room, which makes scheduling meetings via the screen easier.

Like the Meet Now and Meet Later button, the Timetable button can be disabled or it can be replaced with a Custom Button, if desired. A custom button, for example, could be a QR code, but also the ability to send a text message to a specific person or request help from the IT department or request drinks for you and your guest.

Additional functionalities


You can personalize the Joan screen including by uploading your company logo. From slideshow to welcome message, the Custom Content feature allows any image* or text to be displayed on the Joan screen in eight different layouts. Via Gallery, one or more images can be uploaded and the time for the slideshow can be set. Via Text, additional information can be entered for colleagues or guests.
* In 16-bit grayscale color scheme.


Every week you will receive a PDF report with analyses.

  • View the occupancy rates of the halls.
  • Track the number of meetings and meeting hours.
  • Review weekly meeting patterns.
  • Identify the most popular venues.
  • See who books the most meetings.
  • See how many no-shows there are.

Joan mobile app

If you're on the go and thus can't book rooms through your calendar or through a Joan display, the mobile app is here to help.
With its simple and intuitive interface, you can, for all venues connected to Joan:

  • book a meeting,
  • extend or terminate an ongoing meeting,
  • view the list of available meeting rooms,
  • Receive notifications and reminders for meetings.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Joan 13

The non-touch wireless 13inch Joan Display allows you to display an overview of the current availability of your meeting rooms and up to 6 upcoming meetings, including the topic and organizer and for up to 9 rooms on one screen.

To be used with your existing calendar tool

Secure Wi-Fi connects to the network allowing the Joan displays to be synced with most digital calendars such as Office 365, Exchange, G Suite and iCalendar.

Low energy consumption

The Joan 13 runs on batteries and uses virtually no electricity. In fact, it can operate for up to 12 months on a single charge.

Easy installation

Attach your Joan 13 anywhere without drilling, wires and cables and get a comprehensive view of meetings for up to 9 rooms in no time.

Our clients

The following clients use the Joan Room booking displays

Given our growth, we were urgently looking for a solution to manage office work. I came to IKANDA through word of mouth for a Room and Desk Booking solution and after only about 2 weeks we were up and running! The IKANDA team is always available and very professional. The colleagues immediately loved Joan' s Room and Desk Booking app and are really happy with it.

Devoteam - Gaël Gori
Devoteam - Gaël Gori
Finance & Administration Manager

Want to know more?

We are happy to organize a personalized demo for you.

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Other Room Booking Displays

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