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Booking Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom rooms with the Logitech Tap Scheduler

The Logitech Tap Scheduler makes it easy to view meeting details and reserve a room for impromptu or future meetings.

Compatible with Microsoft & Zoom

The Logitech Tap Scheduler is an indispensable addition to any meeting room. Are you already working with Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms? Then use the Tap Scheduler to instantly check availability. Is the room available? Then reserve it with one click of a button. Handy!

No additional license fee required if you already have Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms licenses in use!

Logitech Tap Scheduler MTR
Logitech Tap Scheduler Partner Msft 2
Logitech Tap Scheduler Partner Zoom 1
Logitech Tap Scheduler Partner Zoom 2
Logitech Tap Scheduler Partner Zoom 3

Neat and easy installation

Included mounts and neat cabling ensure a tidy and professional setup. Brackets included for glass mounting, style mounting or wall mounting.


Want to know more?

We are happy to organize a personalized demo for you.

Green is going

Hide cables in the wall, in a style or in other directions with different wiring options.

Logitech green

Cable management

Hide cables in the wall, in a style or in other directions with different wiring options.

Logitech Tap Scheduler Cable Management


  • Size: 10.1" (diagonal)
  • Dimensions: 246.2 x 165 x 28.5 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 0.7 kg
  • IPS (In-Plane Switching).
  • LCD panel with LED lighting
  • Resolution of 1280 x 800
  • Capacitive touch screen with 10 touch points
  • Brightness: 400 nit
  • Fingerprint-resistant: Oil-repellent coating
  • Angle of view: 85 degrees (O/B/L/R)
  • Mounting angle: 0 degrees (flat against the mounting surface)
  • VESA 100 x 100 mm
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE), IEEE 802.3af type 1, class-3
  • Standard 2 year warranty

Easy to manage

Easily manage and maintain all your devices and rooms at scale with Logitech Sync. Check room status, deploy updates and change settings, all from a single cloud platform. Activate premium features such as insights, remote UI for troubleshooting and proactive alerts with an Essential or Select license.

Ensure business continuity with Select Service subscription

Choose Logitech Select to remove obstacles to collaboration and ensure meeting rooms are ready for the next meeting. Optimize uptime with expert assistance within one hour, ensure quick product replacement and take advantage of premium Sync functionality to proactively resolve issues before they affect your business.

A choice you are comfortable with

Logitech is committed to a more sustainable world. We are actively working to minimize our environmental footprint and accelerate social change.


Made with recycled plastic

Tap Scheduler Graphite's plastic components contain 54% certified recycled plastic to give new life to discarded plastic from old consumer electronics and help reduce our carbon footprint.


Tap Scheduler is certified carbon neutral. This means that the CO2 impact of the product and packaging has been reduced to zero thanks to Logitech's investment in carbon offsetting and removal projects

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However, each video conferencing room, depending on its size, needs a different approach.

Other Room Booking screens

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