UZ Leuven

UZ Leuven was looking for a central reservation system to be able to book rooms based on certain criteria (location, size, facilities, etc.) in combination with ordering catering & other services.
The tool also needed to be fully integrated with Exchange so that users could access these additional features directly from Outlook.
IKANDA recommended Add-On Products' solutions for this purpose:
Resource Central for booking meeting rooms and additional services,
Digital Sign Service for displaying bookings on screens at the meeting rooms.


Book meeting rooms
With the Resource Central software you can easily search and book meeting rooms on the basis of filters of your choice such as: country, building, size or capacity of the meeting rooms, available IT equipment, presence of an interactive screen, possibility to book catering, video conferencing tools available, etc.

When scheduling a meeting, you can also immediately check the availability of colleagues per day and per hour.

Moreover, meeting rooms can also be searched and booked via a floor plan.
Order catering and other services
ressource booking
UZ Leuven wanted to immediately add catering or other services from the same tool while booking a room. This is perfectly possible with the Resouce Central add-on, which allows you to add an order form. Using this customisable form, you can:
- order catering, choose multiple delivery times or enter the time of delivery,
- enter the number of people if this differs from the number of people in the Outlook invitation,
- specify the table setup or arrange extra items such as ordering Wi-Fi codes or parking spaces, etc.

Service providers receive the order forms automatically and can start working immediately or create reports per day or per location to combine the orders.


Room Booking Displays
room booking displays
A large part of the meeting rooms in UZ Leuven received a Room Booking Display with Add-on's software. All information concerning the meetings booked from Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 is displayed on these screens: who organised the meeting, how long the meeting lasts, which meeting follows next, .....
Meetings can also be booked, extended or cancelled directly on the screen.

80 meeting rooms in the hospital in Leuven received their own Room Booking Screen.
Layout & Functions
room booking displays
Digital Sign Service has a built-in template editor where you can choose an existing layout but where you can also very easily create unique layouts yourself. So the appearance of the screen can be fully customised to match the branding of the organisation.

You can also choose which functions you want to allow or which information you want to display. For example, you can decide whether you want to work with a check-in button or not; whether you show the next meetings, whether you show the subject of the meeting,...



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