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STOW wanted to upgrade many of the meeting rooms in their offices to rooms ideal for video conferencing and wireless presenting. Some rooms were equipped with regular presentation screens, while others received interactive screens. After the successful installation of 4 meeting rooms at STOW headquarters, meeting rooms in Lokeren, Berchem, Mouscron and in the Netherlands soon followed. A total of 25 rooms have already been fully equipped and still counting! 
By choosing IKANDA, STOW now has just one point of contact for everything (hardware, software, installation, configuration & support).
Video conferencing


Depending on the size of the meeting rooms, Logitech Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini was chosen.  

The Rally Bar is an all-in-one video conferencing system (microphone + speaker + camera) with great image quality, where the camera automatically focuses on the people speaking.
The Rally Bar can be used stand alone (connecting via USB to any PC, without software) but also in appliance mode, where supported video conferencing applications (Zoom and Microsoft Teams Rooms) can be run directly on the device without requiring a PC or laptop.

At STOW, some rooms were also equipped with a Logitech Tap IP that allows a video conference to be started or content to be shared easily at the touch of a button.

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Video conferencing


All rooms at STOW we have equipped with Barco Clickshare C-10 for wireless presenting.  

With this type of Barco ClickShare, you can share your screen wirelessly with just one click. Sharing can be done with the Clickshare button or via the ClickShare Desktop or Mobile App or via native protocols (Airplay, Google Cast, Miracast).

Clickshare is compatible with the most well-known video conferencing systems (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts, ...) and screen & camera suppliers.

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Video conferencing


We have equipped several meeting rooms at STOW with i3 interactive touch screens

These touch screens enhance the ease of use and approachability of the traditional flipchart with smart, digital benefits. They feature powerful screen control thanks to Android 11 and 8 GB RAM and are suitable for annotating, whiteboarding and video conferencing.

Depending on the size of the meeting rooms, STOW chose 65", 75" or 86" touch screens.

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Video conferencing


We have equipped other meeting rooms at STOW with with LG presentation screens.

IKANDA prefers LG's WebOS screens for the following reasons: 
  • 4K displays in different sizes (43", 50", 55", 65", 75", 86")
  • Built-in WebOS player
  • Non-reflective & high brightness
  • Wide viewing angle in all directions: 178°
  • Suitable for 16/7 or 24/7 use
  • Ultra HD quality
  • Wirelessly cast content via Android smartphone or Windows devices
  • Suitable for digital signage
  • Suitable for video conferencing.

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