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Value Retail - Maasmechelen Village

Wireless video conferencing along with Desk and Room booking solutions

Value Retail

To redesign their current office with a focus on The New Way of Working, Value Retail called on IKANDA.
Their meeting rooms were equipped with presentation screens and with interactive screens in combination with tools for video conferencing and wireless presenting. In addition, the meeting rooms were equipped with room booking displays and our deskbooking tool was implemented.

Interactive touch screens

2 meeting rooms in Value Retail's office we equipped with i3 65″ interactive touch screens. With these 4K touch screens, a natural writing experience is a top priority, and when the screens are not being used for brainstorming, they can be easily deployed for Videoconferencing or for playing Digital Signage content. I3 interactive screens are available in 65″, 75″ or 86″, depending on the size of the meeting room.
All other rooms were equipped with LG 4K presentation screens.

Video Conferencing

The Logitech Rally Bar in BYOD mode was chosen as the Videoconferencing solution . The Rally Bar is an all-in-one video conferencing system (microphone + speaker + camera) that transforms any room into a quality conference room. The Rally Bar features high quality video and audio where the camera automatically focuses on the people speaking. The video bar can be set up to be used with Microsoft Teams or Zoom, but Value Retail wishes to use it as a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution.

Wireless Presenting

Most of the screens were fitted with a ScreenBeam 960, a device that allows you to present wirelessly without apps or dongles from any device. The ScreenBeams were mounted behind the screens so they are not visible. One screen was equipped with a ScreenBeam 1100, allowing for video conferencing in addition to wireless presenting. Through the ScreenBeam Conference app, the Logitech Rally Bar can be addressed wirelessly, making Video Conferencing possible.

Room Booking Displays

Room booking displays from Cleverspace were provided at the entrance to the meeting rooms. Linked to Outlook, these displays simplify the management of meeting rooms through handy features:
- the status of the room is displayed: free, occupied, next meeting, ...
- in case of no check-in, the room is released again for reservation,
- meetings can be extended or ended directly on the displays,
- ...

Desk & Asset booking

For the reservation of workplaces, the Joan Workplace Management App was chosen, a very intuitive solution that allows not only workplaces but also equipment, parking spaces, cars, bicycles or other assets to be reserved both via smartphone and browser. Through the tool, they can also easily view who is working at home, who is in the office or who is on a business trip.
The Joan Workplace Management App can also be extended with the Joan Room Booking app with which meeting rooms can also be booked.

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