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With the Content Streaming Service (CSS) Seenspire, dynamic Infotainment, Social Media and Teams feeds are displayed to engage, inform and inspire viewers. The Seenspire feeds can be displayed directly on a screen with a built-in player (LG, Samsung,..) but can also be perfectly integrated in our digital signage CMS Signagelive or in your own CMS.

The automated Seenspire feeds can be displayed alternately in full screen, but when integrated in Signagelive, the screen can also be divided into different zones so that Seenspire content can be displayed together with, for example, corporate communication and our Room Finder solution.

IKANDA is responsible for the delivery of the screens and the media players (for new and existing screens) as well as for the configuration of Seenspire and Signagelive.
Read more details about the functionalities of Seenspire below.


Infotainment content

Animate your digital signage playlist with automated infotainment feeds: news, weather, traffic from a place or country of your choice and so much more.

Seenspire’s infotainment feeds – which range from news and weather to sports and lifestyle – are licensed from some of the world’s leading media partners, such as Belga, Reuters, AFP, and Sky News Arabia.

Social Media content

Animate your digital screens with pre-approved social media content to inform and inspire viewers with branded or relevant third-party content.

All content is compiled and visualized from the world's most important social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Social signage brings the personal and the professional together for more involvement and productivity.

Teams content

Expand the reach of your digital communication by displaying the content generated by employees from internal collaboration tools using digital signage, making your corporate culture visible through other channels besides mobile and internet.

Also reduce the time to inform by forwarding each message to all employees at the peak of its relevance.

Info from the most relevant collaboration tool can be visualized such as Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Workplace and Webex Teams.


Seenspire for Intranet offers the ability to display automated content from own Social Media and Collaboration Tools as well as Infotainment feeds directly on the company's intranet.

Easy implementation

  1. Select or create your own Seenspire feeds.
  2. Copy the URL of the feeds and paste them into your existing CMS.
  3. The Seenspire feeds are automatically uploaded and updated.



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