Room Booking Displays - Add-on

The Add-on software solution is completely hardware independent and functions on all room booking displays based on iOS, Android or Windows.
The Add-On software seamlessly integrates all meeting room screens with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. When a meeting is booked in Outlook® , all information regarding this meeting is automatically displayed on the appropriate screen in a completely customizable layout. 

Meeting rooms can also be booked, canceled or changed directly on the touch screen.
All changes made on the meeting displays are automatically synchronized with the Exchange Server.

Read more about the possibilities of the Add-on room booking displays below.

On Screen Features

Book Meeting Rooms

All information regarding the meetings booked from Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 is shown on the meeting room displays. Also all upcoming meetings in that room are listed.

If a room is available, it can also be booked ad-hoc directly on the touch screen for a duration of your choice. All meetings booked ad hoc are also shown in the regular calendar to avoid double bookings.
room booking displays
outlook meeting room display

End or extend meetings

Sometimes it is difficult to determine in advance how long a meeting will last.
If a meeting is done earlier than planned, you can end it directly on the meeting room display in order to release the room again. Both on the screen and in the online calendar, the room will be shown again as available.
If it turns out that the meeting takes longer than expected and no upcoming meetings are planned in the room, you can easily adjust the end time on the screen to extend the meeting.

Check in

You can choose to use the check-in function. By enabling this option, attendees will be required to confirm on the meeting room display a few minutes before or after the meeting if the meeting is actually taking place. The number of minutes can be determined during the configuration. If the meeting is not confirmed, the booking will be automatically canceled and the room will be released again.

You can also choose to place sensors in the meeting rooms. This makes the check-in function unnecessary as the smart sensors automatically detect the presence or absence.
meeting room digital signage

Extra features

meeting room availability display


The built-in template editor makes it easy to create unique layouts for the meeting room displays. One can upload a company logo, choose fonts and colors and add images, completely matching the branding of the organization.

There is a choice of included sample templates, but also self-designed templates can be uploaded and used.

The layout of the screens can be quickly updated via the web-based dashboard.


The web based dashboard makes it possible to manage all screens remotely from one central location. The online dashboard is updated in real time so you can directly see which displays are online or offline and therefore no one needs to go and check the screens one by one.
The dashboard also provides access to the template editor that allows you to design and apply layouts to screens of your choice. It's possible to track exactly which content was uploaded to which device and by whom.
The online dashboard also contains valuable statistics that allow administrators to monitor the performance and usage of the displays. This way you can see how many meetings have been extended or ended prematurely or how many no-shows there were.
online dashboard
meeting room booking display screen

RFID authentication

Improve security by imposing users to identify themselves using an RFID card before they can confirm meetings or scheduling new meetings on the screen itself. If the organizer does not show up to confirm the meeting, the space is automatically freed for use by others. If screens with RFID reader are used, the use of the meeting rooms can optionally be limited to authorized cardholders only in order to prevent people from changing bookings that are not of their own or using meeting rooms without permission.


Reservation of other resources

Most reservation systems are mainly designed for the reservation of meeting rooms.
With the software solution of Add-on products, however, you can simultaneously reserve catering, IT equipment, company cars or bicycles, parking spaces or other resources, all from one tool.

Read more about the Resource Reservation System.
resource central software
room finder

Room Finder

IKANDA offers a solution to display an up-to-date overview of all current and upcoming meetings on one or more overview screens. Like this, visitors and employees can easily locate their meetings and everyone always has a correct overview of the status of all meeting rooms.

Read more about the Room Finder solution.



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