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Joan's 6" Room Booking Displays are wireless, with a rechargeable battery.
Therefore, the screens can easily be mounted, without cables, in any building, on the wall or on glass by means of magnetic strips. By attaching a Joan Room Booking Display to each meeting room, everyone can immediately see whether or not a room has been booked, for how long and by whom. If needed, the function for allowing ad-hoc reservations via the screens can also be enabled.

A connection is established via secure WiFi, which means that the Joan displays can be synchronized with most digital calendars such as Office 365, Exchange, G Suite and iCalendar.

Read more about the possibilities of the Joan Meeting Room Displays below.

On Screen Features

Book rooms via the Meeting Room Displays

If a room has been booked with the existing reservation tool, all available information from this reservation will be shown on the display. However, you can also opt to have rooms reserved ad hoc via the Meet Now and Meet Later functions. With the Meet Now button, a free room can be reserved immediately, with the Meet Later function, the room can be booked at a later time using a timetable that shows all available periods. When a room is booked, a large part of the screen is black so that you can see from a distance that it is occupied.
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Automatic cancellation of meetings

A meeting can be canceled directly on the screen by pressing the cross mark.
However, you can also choose to provide a check-in function on the Meeting Room Displays. By enabling this option, attendees are required to check in 5, 15, or 30 minutes before or after the meeting by pressing the check mark.
If none of the participants press the "Check In" button, the meeting is assumed to be canceled and will be automatically removed from the agenda and the room will be made available for booking again.

Overview of scheduled meetings

Via the Timetable button the complete agenda for the next 7 days of the meeting room can be viewed, which makes scheduling meetings via the screen much easier.

Equal to the Meet Now and Meet Later button, the Timetable button can be disabled or, if desired, replaced by a Custom Button. For example, a custom button could be a QR code, but also the ability to send a text message to a specific person or ask help from the IT department or request drinks for you and your guest.
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Extra features

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Personalize the layout of the displays

The Joan 6" screen can be personalized, among other things by uploading a company logo or by setting a preferred language. From a slideshow to a welcome message, the Custom Content feature allows any image* or text to be displayed in eight different layouts on the Joan screen.
One or more images can be uploaded via the Gallery and the time for the slideshow can be set. Text allows additional information for colleagues or guests to be entered, using the standard text formatting options.

* Images are displayed in a 16-bit grayscale color scheme.

Room Analytics

A weekly report with analysis is sent in the form of a PDF document.
  • View the occupancy rate of the rooms.
  • Track the number of meetings and meeting hours.
  • View weekly meeting patterns.
  • Identify the most popular rooms.
  • See who books the most meetings.
  • See how many no-shows there are.
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Joan App

If you are on the road and therefore cannot book a meeting room via the calendar or via a Joan display, the Joan mobile app is there to help.

With its simple and intuitive interface one can (for rooms connected to Joan):
  • book a meeting,
  • extend or end an ongoing meeting,
  • consult the overview of the available meeting rooms,
  • receive notifications and reminders for meetings.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.


Agenda overview via Room Finder

IKANDA offers a solution to summarize all meetings in the online calendar on one or more overview screens.
All current and upcoming meetings are shown with the time, location and organizer.

Read more about the Room Finder solution.
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