Smart Sensors

smart sensors
A shortage of meeting rooms or rooms with insufficient capacity, as well as a structural lack of available workplaces, can cause frustration for employees.
Facility Managers, however, are always looking for solutions to use spaces more efficiently, for example to prevent large rooms from being booked for few people, or that workplaces are (almost) never used for unclear reasons.

We are convinced that smart spaces, equipped with sensors, can significantly increase comfort and productivity.

Beringar's sensors are fully GDPR compliant. Both the software and the sensors only record the occupancy (real-time & historical) but never store personal data such as arrival or departure times and do not recognize faces.
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People counting

Beringar sensors are placed on the ceiling and each sensor has a coverage ratio of up to 40 m2. The sensors use Machine Vision to understand the environment and to count people or objects. The count, as well as the position and length of stay of persons are reported in real time.

The smart sensors can also be linked to our software to reserve workplaces. The sensors will then detect the employees when they occupy a flex desk, resulting in an automatic registration.
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Sensor people counting
Sensor environment

Mesure environmental factors

Making sure the spaces are comfortable for both staff and visitors can contribute to increased productivity.

In addition to counting people, these sensors continuously measure eight environmental factors, such as CO2, VOC, UV, noise, light and temperature. The results of this measurement can serve as a basis for making the environment more pleasant.

Optimization of space utilization

Many facility questions can be answered by counting the exact number of people in the meeting rooms:
  • Is the capacity optimized or are the rooms often over- or understaffed?
  • Are there enough rooms or must one sometimes look for alternatives?
In addition, the results of the count can be compared with the actual bookings, so that one can analyze whether the number of people corresponds to the number for which the room was booked.
The occupancy rate of individual workplaces can also be counted.
smart sensors

Outlook bookings (orange bar chart) vs. Beringar number of people detected (blue line chart)

online dashboard


The dashboard provides the necessary insights to analyze and optimize the way in which the spaces are used.
Real-time occupancy rate, environmental parameters over a period of time of your choice, ...
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