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IKANDA a équipé le nouveau bureau d'Itsme d'écrans, de systèmes de vidéoconférence et de présentation sans fil.

STOW wanted to upgrade many of the meeting rooms in their facilities to rooms ideal for video conferencing and wireless presenting.

Value Retail wanted to redesign their office with a focus on The New Way of Working through Interactive Screens, Desk Booking, Wireless Presenting and Video Conferencing.

In their new office building in Brussels, Ashurst would have liked to have equipped all of their meeting rooms with video conferencing tools and used Digital Signage.

At Motion Pictures, they were looking for solutions for Wireless Presenting and Video Conferencing combined with an Interactive Screen.

For their new office, Europ Assistance was looking for solutions including Wireless Presenting, Video Conferencing and Digital Signage.

To optimize their remote meetings, Hosted Power was looking for solutions for Wireless Presenting and Video Conferencing.

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