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Reserving Desks and Room Booking Displays.

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Gaël Gori, Finance & Administration Manager at Devoteam said, "Devoteam has grown very quickly over the past year and has hired many new people. However, our office space had not yet expanded due to Covid and working from home. When our employees started going back to the office more, we needed a solution for reserving workspaces and rooms. This way we can make sure that everything runs smoothly, that there are not too many people in the office at the same time and that everyone is sure of a workspace."
IKANDA offers several solutions for reserving workspaces and rooms. For Devoteam, the Joan Workspace Management App proved to be the best choice.

Joan Room Booking

For booking their 11 meeting rooms, IKANDA Joan provided Room Booking screens. These are wireless digital displays that show whether the room is booked or available, for what period and who booked the room. If desired, a booking can also be made directly on the screen. IKANDA took care of the configuration and installation of all the screens.

Joan Workspace Management App

In addition to the Joan Room Booking screens, Devoteam also chose Joan's Desk & Room booking App that allows you to combine workspace booking and meeting room booking in one app. You can choose both solutions or just the one you need the most. Depending on your choice, you will see one or both solutions on the home screen of your smartphone.
Room Booking: book rooms, check in and out, edit reservations,...
Desk Booking: search and book workspaces, find colleagues,...

Joan Desk Booking via browser

Joan Desk Booking is also possible via browser. Employees can very intuitively search for an available workspace and book it immediately. The easiest way to find and book free desks is on the basis of a floor plan per building and per floor with all workspaces to be booked. Workplaces can also be searched by name or based on your colleague's workplace.

Given our growth, we were urgently looking for a solution to manage office work. I came to IKANDA through word of mouth for a Room and Desk Booking solution and after only about 2 weeks we were up and running! The IKANDA team is always available and very professional. The colleagues immediately loved Joan' s Room and Desk Booking app and are really happy with it.

Devoteam - Gaël Gori
Devoteam - Gaël Gori
Finance & Administration Manager
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