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Why provide Room Booking displays to my meeting rooms?

Room booking displays

Nothing more annoying than having booked a venue and finding them occupied.

Room Booking displays allow you to see from a distance which room is free or occupied. Because they are synchronized with multiple calendar systems (Office365, Google, ...) they always show up to date information. Need a room quickly? Book the space from the screen itself.

Are many rooms booked but not always everyone shows up? With our check-in functionality, the room is automatically released if attendance is not confirmed.

IKANDA offers 2 types of solutions:

  • Wired displays, powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE). These displays are equipped with a color screen and a color LED all around.
  • Wireless displays, working on battery and linked to the Wifi network. Ideal for existing buildings where wiring can no longer be provided.

IKANDA solutions for Room Booking screens.

Room booking screens linked to Exchange on-premise or Office365. Customizable layouts. Hardware independent (iOS, Android, Windows). Comprehensive reporting.

At a glance an overview of which rooms are free or occupied. Connection with Office365 & Google. Extensive reporting. Only 1 cable needed.

Joan wireless screens, connected to Wifi network. Ideal for existing buildings where wiring can no longer be provided. Link with Microsoft or Google calendar.

Benefits for Employees

  • Instantly find the space provided for you
  • Overview of the following meetings
  • Book a room immediately

Benefits for Administrators

  • Linking with various calendar systems (O365, Google)
  • Simple central management
  • Reporting on room occupancy
  • Automatic release of rooms in case of no-show
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IKANDA provides the necessary tools & insights

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